Oh, Please

Having endured weeks of being called a “loser” and an “Obamabot” and “brainwashed” by Clinton followers, and having at one point been trashed in the vilest language imaginable by two well-known women bloggers on a “progressive” listserv, let me say that I have not one scrap of sympathy for the “striking” Clinton Kossacks who whine they are being picked on by Obama supporters.

I hardly ever read Daily Kos, so I won’t miss them. Yes, I’m sure they feel hurt and angry. We all feel hurt and angry these days. And why is that?

M’loves, the First Rule of blogging is, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

19 thoughts on “Oh, Please

  1. you just don’t understand!
    we were all supposed to see Hillary and just roll over…
    just refuse to ask questions.
    imagine someone mounting a real challenge to her “inevitability” and actually winning!
    not supposed to happen!
    not in the script!
    Obama has been downright uppity!
    whine whine

  2. This whole thing is so reminiscent of the period before the 2004 election, only this time it is Dem on Dem. Is is just me, or do a lot of the Clinton supporters sound like Bushies in their ability to support winning at any cost, and an inability to see any faults in their candidate? Maybe it’s just easier to take the high road when your candidate is winning, but I like to believe that I wouldn’t succumb to this if the roles were reversed.

  3. The Hillary fans every right to respond if someone calls Hilary a liar..

    But they can’t, because she lies every day.

    I went to TalkLeft a huge hate Obama site.

    I corrected their lies and I was banned.

    See the difference. They won’t. Hillary land is bizzaro world

  4. They do sound like Bbushies. Just like that.

    Once a person opts for a candidate it is human nature to want to defend the candidate and to avoid criticizing. Clinton has been subjecting the party to Rove tactics which puts her supporters in the position of either having to criticize her or to behave like wingnuts and indulge in the up is down black is white selfdeluding behavior which was so typical of wingnuts in order to avoid having to criticize her.

    Too bad so many have opted to be wingnuts.

    I’ve been having fun trolling about this at TalkLeft. A HRCwingnut wrote a comment that stated that Obama supporters have to be blind to the contracicgtions between their beliefs and what Obama believes.

    Exactly wingnut reasoning–because it is the Hillary supporters who have to throw their beleifs in the garbage to rationalize their support for her!

    She shares the responisbilty for startin a war her supporters oppose, she disdains the fifty state strategy which most left bloggers support, she disrespects half the party when most lefty bloggers think we shoud be building the party, she has campaigned nnegatively when most of us wanted to be united against the R’s and on and on and on.

    One of the biggest contradictions is between pwople who think of themselves as liberal who see nothing wrong with smears, lies, and disrespect directed as the central campaign theme toward the first viable African American candidate. They who screamed themselves hoarse over “periodically” see nothing wrong with this!

    Yes they hahve become wingnuts

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  6. Let yourself dream:

    08:00 3-17-08:

    John McCain wakes up the press with what his campaign staff says is a “news burner”. They pull themselves from the funk of no real news, waiting for Pennsylvania, six weeks (of trying to kill someone) away. We have decided that the only way we can pretend to hold onto power is. We have decided to ask Barack to be your V.P.


  7. If you had to chose between Hillary or Johnny McCain (lets face it he’s 72, she’s 61) who would you chose? Would it be easier if Barrack was the VP? Is it time to give the second in command to the “Black Fella”. Or maybe you consider him for something else, what ? Who do you vote for? What do you want, the same?

    Lets just admit that we have done some stupid stuff . Then we can move on! Pretty simple!

  8. I just don’t trust Hillary. And she doesn’t exhibit the qualities of leadership that America needs right now. We need somebody with a spirit of reconciliation to restore America’s image in itself, and in the world. Hillary is not equipped spiritually to handle that job, although she’s not blatantly arrogant like Bush,she’s not exactly meek either. My intuition tells me its..Hillary for Hillary.

  9. See how civil my previous comment was. So… Algae was wrong to accuse us Obama supporters of being crude and malicious. I didn’t mention a single word about Hillary’s cottage cheese thighs in my comment.

  10. Hi Ken,

    With respect, can you document you were banned from TalkLeft? I find it hard to believe you as I have never ever seen anyone banned from TalkLeft, and I have been reading and commenting there for two or three years now. Would you please link to any posts in which you were warned, or any posts that document your banning?

    Also Maha, your basic post makes no sense whatsoever. You don’t normally read Kos, but you are certain the “strikers” are whining? Huh?

  11. I lost a lot of respect for HRC when she channeled John McCain on experience – and threw Obama under the bus.
    Hillary, your husband had zero experience when he took office. And your experience told you to support the AUMF. And let’s not even mention Iran… That kind of experience, we don’t need.
    I’ll still support her if she’s the nominee. But I’ll hold my nose when calling, knocking on doors, or giving money.
    Obama ain’t perfect, but he’s a lot more palatable than HRC. A lot! Sorry if the truth hurt’s, Hillary fans…

  12. anon — I linked to the post they whine in, genius. Also, most of the time there’s no “documentation” involved in getting banned from a blog.

  13. Maha,

    I rarely read Kos myself, I read the post you linked to, (I am genius enough to know how to click on a link). I read it, but since I don’t read Kos on more than a weekly basis, and since I am not familiar with the diarist, I knew I didn’t really know the context well enough to judge whether they were whining or were making some substantial points.

    You’re right that on many blogs people are banned outright and their comments scrubbed or deleted, but I’ve never seen that at TL.

    Regarding Jeralyn Merritt OR BTD, I have never seen them even delete a comment without either a) reminding everyone in the thread to keep the comments on topic, or b) explaining that they just deleted a comment, and explaining why. During the Duke trial, Jeralyn would on occasion remind people that part of her comment policy was that non-regulars/first timers and some others should keep themselves to three comments per day. That was when she was on a slower server too, and like you, she pays for bandwidth and processor. And I haven’t seen her even bring that policy up in more than a year, or since she moved to a faster server.

    In contrast, I have never ever seen her mention deleting any comment regarding Obama or Clinton except comments that she felt were libelous and smears.

    At TL, everyone HAS to login to post, and the community is relatively small, so if Ken tells me what his username is there, we can examine all of the comments he has ever submitted (except for ones that were deleted) and we can examine the replies. I would be astonished to find that Ken has no replies from TL warning him on his posts or his banning.

    Everyday there are many people at TL that post pro Obama and pro McCain comments. I’ve never seen a single of those comments deleted or mention of any poster being banned.

    As I’ve suggested, I believe it should be relatively easy for Ken to provide support for his claim.

  14. I’ve coined a phrase for it. At least I think I have, someone undoubtedly will point me to a few places that it’s already been used. (I invent things all the time and then canvas stores to find out how many are already selling my invention.) Anyway, these people suffer from “Reverse Clinton Derangement Syndrome” or RCDS.

  15. anon — The fact remains that if someone were banned without warning or explanation by the administrators, you’d probably never know they were banned. Banning someone does not necessarily entail scrubbing old comments. I ban people all the time (see comments rules) but I never scrub old comments unless I am asked to.

    I don’t know personally if Ken was banned or not, but I’m not calling him a liar without knowing differently.

    Regarding the whining, the whining post was self-evident whining.

  16. I knew I didn’t really know the context well enough to judge whether they were whining or were making some substantial points.

    Anon..a substantial point would be that a strike might be effective in the exchange of goods and services, but in the exchange of ideas, a strike is insanity..whining if you will. Maha has spoken before about the challenge to articulate and the difficulty presented in expressing thoughts. Hillary’s supporters have to dig a little deeper in their expression to try to convince Obama supporters what it is in Hillary that we should see in her that would make us believers in her.
    A strike tends to make me think they are quiting in frustration because Hillary doesn’t have enough positive qualities to showcase or defend.

  17. I used to visit this site often but lately, I’ve decided to not visit any sites that are either for ‘Hussein Obama’ or ‘Hitlery Clinton’. Tired of the rancor. I’ll be visiting again once the nomination is wrapped up.

  18. I’ve been mostly staying away from dKos, too, at least until the freakin’ nomination is decided. But I did notice that the Hillary supporters have been strangely silent lately… now I know why.

    Their strike is actually a blessed relief. There’s room on dKos now for diaries about the economy, and FISA, and Congressional candidates with a shot at unseating the real bad guys.

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