Dog Whistle Time

Here Wingnuts! Good doggies! Wanna play fetch? Here’s the stick; go get it!

Update: I just realized why so many clueless wingnuts who don’t get the joke are dropping by. This is linked at Protein Wisdom (collective IQ of bloggers and readers = 27)! OK; comments off.

18 thoughts on “Dog Whistle Time

  1. Please! There is no value in having this link. Only complete idiots would be interested and I really try not to dialog with them. They are not worth my time.

  2. One more thing, without the economic conservatives, the wingnuts have no power!! Thank heaven it is fun to dialog with the economic conservatives and have probably most of them have learned a great deal in the last 7 years.

  3. “We have a security gap when candidates say they will follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell but refuse to follow him where he actually goes,” Obama said.

    Just sharing this chuckle…a pretty good zinger if you ask me.

  4. In the entire pile of documents, I can’t believe anyone actually bothered to look that date up, much less wrote an entire article about it. Oh, wait. Brian Ross has his name on it. Of course.

  5. And, this is what the high paid reporters for the MSM found more important than anything else?! My gawd, what a waste of resources. ABC and all others are no better than the National Inquirer.

  6. It must be a dog whistle because I don’t get it. What’s it supposed to mean? For an instant at first glance I thought it was the revelation of a menage a trois by the way it was worded…but it’s a big nothing. Maybe to help Hillary rekindle a victim status? Or maybe because sex always sells, even past its expiration date?

    Well, I ‘m sure Michelle Malkin will make hay out of it, at least.

  7. Good old impartial fair and balanced ABC News.
    They really cooked up quite a mess of 9/11 Gumbo as well awhile ago.
    Turns out everything is Bill Clinton’s fault.
    The endless blood soaked meat grinding war without end, the nose bleed inducing economic roller coaster,New Orleans under water,the Israeli/Palestine cluster bomb circle jerk for Jesus and on and on and on and on…..

  8. Maha’s perfidy knows no bounds. The rest of you – twatwaffles. I am especially looking at you, bluesborn.

  9. The endless blood soaked meat grinding war without end, the nose bleed inducing economic roller coaster,New Orleans under water,the Israeli/Palestine cluster bomb circle jerk for Jesus and on and on and on and on…..

    Amen to that. All I want to do is concentrate on how totally shitty this country is, and ABC just keeps taking me back to those sublime days of the Clinton Era. I want to envision a “circle jerk for Jesus”. I do not want to picture Bill Clinton, our 42nd president, tightening his cottage-cheesy buttocks as he blows his hot, charismatic load all over Monica’s outfit. I mean c’mon! Katrina? Hello……

  10. Is “dog whistle” Leftopian-speak for something ? Oh, I get it. Those Rethuglikkkans are racist, sexist, homophobes! p3wnd.

  11. JD — Clue: If you want to know who is being dog whistled, note to whom the post is addressed.

    Your last comment was deleted because you dissed one of my regular readers. If you come here to comment, behave.

  12. No, maha.

    It’s already been noticed and commented on.

    The only thing really interesting about it is that you and your commenters have no reaction whatever except “Oh no this can be used to attack Clinton.” Wouldn’t it actually be easier in the long run to find candidates who aren’t utter a*holes, instead of trying to defend the a*holes you’re putting up now?


  13. If I were Hillary Clinton, I would pray that this be the foreground news coming from my released schedule pages. And I would pray that this tittilating news would continue to be front and center at least until the Pennsylvania primary.
    For one, nothing plays the heart strings better for Hillary than a reinforcement of her victimhood…..and especially the shocking news that she was nearby in the same house while her hubby ‘didn’t have sex with that woman .’
    But, the real reason Hillary would prefer this replay to hold the public’s attention is that it might outshout some other news from becoming front and center:
    1] first reading of her schedule belies her claim to being involved in important Clinton administration decisions and actions [international crises, Family Leave Act to mention two] and rather defeats her ‘ready on day one’ hyped claims; and
    2] contains a record of her actually speaking to and persuading a group of high profile powerful women to get behind NAFTA-which is the exact opposite of what she and her surrogates said to Ohio voters when they claimed [falsely] that she was a behind-the-scenes critic of NAFTA at the time of its passage.

  14. Donna — truly, the Lewinsky connection is probably the least interesting thing in the papers, which is why ABC featured it, no doubt. Eventually, maybe, the MSM will notice the other stuff. I’m not holding my breath, though.

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