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A few weeks ago, on a listserv from which I have since removed myself, Clinton supporters were raising hell because, they said, Obama supporters were “losers” who could not be counted on to support the eventual nominee, Clinton, in the general election. Their evidence for this was entirely anecdotal, but never mind. This was proof, you see, that Obama supporters were more like cult followers than political supporters, and that they did not understand the pragmatic realities of politics the way Clinton supporters did.

Further, Clinton supporters are real Democrats, I was told, whereas Obama supporters include more Independents and even moderate Republicans.

Now we have actual poll numbers that show it’s more often Clinton supporters, not Obama supporters, who will abandon the Dems in November if their candidate isn’t on the ballot.

I’m a little sorry I dropped off that listserv. I’d like to know if any of the Clinton supporters are acknowledging this today.

I suspect the splitters on both sides are mostly what are euphemistically called “low-information voters.” Once they get a better look at McCain — a scary and possibly demented old man who will continue the worst of Bush’s policies — many are likely to get over their disappointment and come home to the Dems.

Still, it’s going to take some time for these voters to process a loss and move on, and the longer the Dem nomination fight drags on, the less time they will have.

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton is so desperate to take down Obama so that she can move ahead of him that it appears she’s dealing with the Devil Himself — Richard Mellon Scaife.

A couple of days ago Paul Lukasiak posted some numbers he crunched to show that in a general election, Senator Clinton would lose more votes because of sexism than Obama would lose because of racism. As you may know I have a huge aversion to numbers, so I cannot comment on his analysis, but you might find it interesting.

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  1. Sexism runs way more rampant throughout this country than racism. Racism runs rampant in some areas; but, in those areas the hard core racists are most likely hard core sexist pigs, too.

  2. maha,
    Any person on either side of the Democratic campaign who would rather vote for McCain over either Obama or Clinton has issues. Really serious ones – and can’t be a true Democrat.
    I support Obama. But, if somehow Clinton is the nominee, I will work like a dog for her campaign.
    How much difference is there between them? Not anywhere near as much as between them and McSame. And this is why I have a hard time with HRC, who keeps talking about McCain as if she’s his equal. Obama and Clinton need to focus on McSame right now, and take the bull’s-eyes off of each other.
    To do less than support the winner of the Democratic ticket is to damn this country and the world to more political and religious intolerence that may lead to its end – and OUR end (see my post in your previous blog entry).

  3. American children, at least in CA, have at least three required courses during their schooling in American government/Constitution/American history. A course in The Art(?) of Politics must also be required. It’s almost impossible to cast an informed vote without an awareness of the ploys, strategies, tactics, and ruses political operatives engage in to ‘sell’ a candidate.

    Example of a strategy. The Wright thing. Hillary’s earlier no comment. Hillary’s caught in a really monstrous lie – monstrous from the standpoint of a front-line soldier who’s actually had to run under live fire. Hillary’s ‘asked’ to comment on the Wright thing. Diversion tactic – of course. Who asked her? The person in the ‘audience’ who was handed the question to ask.

  4. “I’d like to know if any of the Clinton supporters are acknowledging this today.”

    You’re being sarcastic, aren’t you? 😉

    I think a majority of them will come around. I remember people were saying relatively the same thing about Deaniacs in ’04. A small number of loathsome dead-enders will remain spiteful come November, but, with what I’ve seen out of them lately (nutshell: unapologetically using wingnut/racist sources to bolster their candidate’s cause), who cares.

  5. It’s a shame you still have to post on this topic.

    After reading today’s update, I went over to the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory’s website (I have some weird Favorites) to see if we could look forward to total annihilation before the Democratic Convention in August.

    Nope, Condition Normal… dang.

  6. I have a theory about Clintons motives, she and McCain have cut a deal to protect bu$hco from endless investigation after he leaves office.(Has any president broke more laws and pissed away more resources?) These investigations will surely look back into Bubba’s presidency as well as HW-bu$hco. This deal was most likely hashed out between Bubba and HW on one of their joint “diplomatic” fund raising missions. The Clintons faced with the fact that they can’t win the nomination have vowed to ensure that McCain is able to make good on the “Deal” by damaging Obama and the democratic party beyond recognition. I can think of no other reason for her to stay in this fight, or for her to say things like (even pledged delegates can overturn their districts popular vote).

    It’s only a theory!

  7. I am thinking more and more that Hillary Clinton’s behavior is not about trying to trash and tear down Obama in order to gain the nomination, though I believe her hard-core supporters believe in such a mathematical miracle.

    I am trying to come up with a motivation sufficient to make sense of her tear-him-down campaign against Obama, and the seeming reality that Hillary is carrying water for the opposing party.

    Math miracles aside, this phenomenon does make sense if this election year really has shaped up to be an Obama grassroots countervailing threat to establishment elites [ongoing Washington power colluders from both parties], and Hillary is actually carrying water for that group of elites which she and Bill have joined.

  8. I’m wondering if the Hillary supporters who would vote for McCain over Obama are simply those conservative centrists who like the conservative side of Hillary. Maybe they’re the hawks but not ready for McCain, but he’s closer to their views than Obama in the end. Just a thought.

  9. Hillary is tearing herself down…and people are seeing it. For me, experience doesn’t factor in to a significant degree. I’m looking for the qualities of character that are essential to leadership. And Hillary,in her hunger for power is making a real poor showing.

    I can understand blowing your own horn to raise yourself above the crowd, but Hillary has taken to complete fabrication to make herself shine. That’s not good at all.. it’s a moral failing that has to be looked at closely because it weakens the foundation of trust.

    To quote another commentor from another blog…”She’s become the monster she’s supposed to destroy”.

  10. I just read that the recent violence in Basra and Baghdad is proof that the surge is working… It’s time for me to go to bed..Good night everybody.

  11. Be careful of dissing McCain. I remember watching Reagan muse “woudn’t it be nice if we could put a big shield up in the sky?” and thinking “okay, now everybody knows he’s demented.” Hours later, Star Wars was launched, thanks to the same media that serve us now.

  12. I remember reading in this very blog the idea of Clinton for president this cycle and I thought, no way could enough people seriously consider her. So no, not a supporter. However watching the last ywo months and the way that both have handled situations, OB has shown maturity, class and leadership. HRC seems to be crumbling before the onslaught and in an unattractive(not physically) way. Yes, I believe that a great majority of HCR supporters will come to vote for OB. However, even I would have a hard time holding my nose and punching in for her. But with the numbers behind a candidate who is intelligent and capable, if he is rejected by the Supers, I could see that black voters would be not only pissed off but would probably leave the Dems for good. If OB had turned out to be a flash in the pan it might be different but …
    Perhaps this is HRC’s ultimate goal, the reverse southern strategy. Drive the black voters from the party to gain the racists that are Repubs for racist reasons only…Hmmm…

  13. DONNA, 3/26 @8:20 hit the nail on the head. The ‘Professional Democrats’, Hillary etal, are really fighting for their political lives.


    (Oh my God, after being on the receiving end of that stick during the last two elections, it feels good to be on this end for a change. I hope every pseudoprogressive on the Internet appreciates the irony–but I doubt most of them can even comprehend it.)

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