4 thoughts on “Who’s the Meanie?

  1. Hillary started out as a Goldwater-girl. She was the product of a conservative home. She hung out with Bill but she laughed at him. She has shown herself not to be liberal. She is lost and vacant, soon to be reunited with Joe Lieberman, joementum, and hillaround, they will end up protecting the bushes, and working for the right. Watch and Learn, think and vote and leave them Clintons behind.


  2. It’s just patronizing and sexist for Obama to not relentlessly attack Clinton. How dare he! [/Taylor Marsh]

  3. Hillary is already defending the Republicans. Remember when she said she would trust McCain before Obama to answer that 3 AM phone call. Her supporters aren’t looking and listening, plus they are believing all the crap she is telling them. SHE CAN NOT legitimately win yet she has her supporters whipped into a frenzy hating Obama who is the victim in all of this. A vote for her would be another vote for a Republican. Why can’t her followers, if they are indeed Democrats, see this? They say older females support her, I am female, white and 61 and I wouldn’t vote for her if she was the only one running. Ladies, forget about gender, forget about race, look at the issues. This woman can’t keep her campaign finances in order, she is running in a deficit, what do you think she will do to the US budget? Look at her attacks, same as you see with the Republicans aren’t they? You cursed Republicans when they used such dirty tactics, can’t you see that this woman is doing the same thing? She is lying to you when she says she can win. She is trying to rip this party apart at the seams. Good Republican play and if we can’t see it for what it is we deserve what we get. WAKE UP please!

  4. How darn divisive can she get? I’ll bet she has ruined her whole carreer.

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