Return of the Killer Doughnuts

Little Lulu’s latest cause — the Obama-Che iconcography connection. Here’s how it goes —

  • Che Guevara was a radical Marxist guerrilla leader.
  • Alberto Korda’s iconic photograph of Guevara may be the most reproduced image in the world.
  • L.A. artist Shepard Fairey used the Korda photograph as a model for a poster of Barack Obama.
  • Therefore, Barack Obama must be a radical Marxist guerrilla leader.
  • I would add,

  • Michelle Malkin is nuttier than a peanut farm.
  • Correction: I see that Malkin didn’t write this post; it was her alter ego, See-Dubya.

    6 thoughts on “Return of the Killer Doughnuts

    1. Can’t disagree with that, although it may be her readers who are the actual nuts.

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    3. This is what passes for logic in wingnut-land. Jonah Goldberg is doing the same thing, only in a 500 page book, which he sincerely believes is a serious exegesis (I refuse to link to it, but the cover has a smiley face with a Hitlerian mustache). Neither apparently took or remembers a basic logic class. The right depends on people being stupid, they require it, they are it.

    4. Well now I know who to go to when the terra-ism of dough nuts is brought up, I nowcall her the dough nut queen, since she made it her realm.

    5. Thomas Frank (author of What’s the Matter With Kansas?”) aptly describes Michelle Malkin as “a pundit with the appearance of a Bratz doll but the soul of Chucky.”

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