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  1. It’s time this country grew up about sex. Thomas Jefferson apologized on more than one occasion for propositioning married women visiting the White House on social occasions. (One wonders how many consented.) He also fathered a flock of kids by his slave/mistress DNA proves.

    JFK was notorious. Bill Clinton was statitically & objectively one of the best presidents of the past 50 years. Gary Hart had his ideals straight as far as progressive political values was concerned.

    It’s not surprisng to me that men with the balls to believe thay can tackle global warming, the economy, energy crises, health care & a host of other issues will have a stronger-than-average sex drive. Historically, some of best presidents have been too willing to participate as sperm doners.

    If any man CAN be effective as president, the issue of passing his DNA around to willing partners doesn’t concern me a damn bit, though it may be an issue to his wife. It’s perfectly legitimate that a candiates stance on political issues be examined under a microscope, but is that true of his sex life also?

  2. It’s time that our patriarchs grow up about sex. A leader in world peace cannot be someone who perceives boundaries between public and private life, and delusional permissions such as “my wife was in remission,” and “I didn’t love her” as worthy alleviation from the cause of harm. This is a “man with balls,” certainly.

    We happen to live in a culture that knows this behavior to be deeply, personally harmful, and that it inspires deceit at the most daily level, an entire social network of complicity, wrongheaded obligations, denial and the willing cause of harm. It doesn’t surprise me that in argument for why it’s ok for a president to, in common parlance, cheat, and to inspire such a culture of people around him slavery, as an historical fact, is a neutral social condition that provides the fodder for “men with balls.” Remember, this is someone who used his wife’s cancer in his campaign to exploit US emotionally. Not too long ago, our government had people across America sealing their homes with duct tape and plastic, and afraid to open their mail. Emotional exploitation brought us to war.

  3. Every little incidence of less-than-honorable-behavior by our we-walk-on-water politicians should be welcomed if it will move us to realize that they have feet of clay afterall.

    The sooner we get that our ‘leaders’ are really human beings, really not above the law, really capable of committing hideous crimes, really deserving of punishment under our code of justice…the sooner we’ll be willing to take them to task.

    Hanky-panky hurts a family. The crimes that are committed almost daily behind the closed and impenetrable doors of DC elected officials and power brokers hurt thousands of families.

  4. “Men are men are men. I’m rootin’ for the poodle.” –Selma Diamond on Night Court

    At times like these, all I can come up with is a seeming non sequitur. This entire sorry business will only end up serving the exploiters of the American working class.

    In the end, though, there’s one thing worse than a sinner: a finger-pointing hypocrite who turns out to be a sinner, himself. (cough) McCain (cough) Limbaugh (cough) Gingrich (cough) O’Reilly….

  5. Sorry, but he was running for the Democratic nomination. That’s when people start donating time and money for him to win. That’s when he needed to keep his pants on and his brain engaged. That’s when he needed to be honest. I don’t care what his private life is like until it jeopardizes his job and credibility.

    My greatest disappointment is how he treated Elizabeth. She deserves better. She’s worth a thousand of him.

  6. Bananaphone — I know Warren Harding used to hide his mistress in the closet whenever Flo Harding was around, but I don’t know about a secret passage. Let me know if you find anything.

  7. I’m on both sides of this issue. 🙂 On the one hand, consensual sex isn’t anyone else’s business. On the other hand, America is what it is, and Edwards must have realized that his public career would be ruined if he were caught.

    Sometimes, guys, you gotta keep it in your pants. It’s for the greater good.

  8. Not good for Edwards..But he’ll have to live with it. I hope his wife can overcome the damage that he did to their relationship. It’s not like they have a whole lot of time left in their relation for a meaningful healing. Trust is not easily restored…if it can ever be restored.

    I gotta say at least Edwards infidelity falls within the range of normal.When you think about the humiliation that Ted Haggert’s wife must have experienced with a husband who publicly condemns homosexuals in Jesus’ name, and who at the same time is paying a male prostitute to bugger him while he’s pumped up on meth. It was the ultimate betrayal of a marriage and a life. Hypocrisy can’t go higher( or lower) than Haggert took it. Now he claims Jesus cleaned him up with a speedy rinse and he’s all restored. He’s still sick, and anybody who thinks Haggert has really changed is sick also.

  9. Thank God my man Edwards isn’t the nominee – the consequences would be unbearable at this point. This would’ve crippled his candidacy + whatever hopes the Democrats have of taking over the country, post W.

  10. Two words: François Mitterand. The guy had a second “wife” and a daughter.

    Although I certainly hope that my husband doesn’t cheat on me, I still think that Americans have gone overboard with their puritanism. I don’t feel that an unfaithful husband is necessarily incapable of leading a country.

    I still would like to see a woman in power one day in both the States and Canada (yes, we had Kim Campbell, but she was short-lived and wasn’t actually elected).

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