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Conventional Wisdom says that Joe Biden is the most likely candidate to be Obama’s veep; second place goes to Evan Bayh. Well, I prefer Biden to Bayh. Thoughts?

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  1. If Biden is at the top of the list, I am afraid that the Democrats will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Biden has the worst case of verbal diarrhea I’ve ever seen and as a resident of DE I get to see it up close.

  2. ‘Ugh’ to both of them. More ‘ugh’ to Bayh, of course. And I just don’t understand what Biden’s appeal is to anyone. Where does his foreign policy expertise I’m always hearing about come from? I just don’t get it.

  3. I prefer neither. Bayh would simply undermine Barack Obama’s entire premise for being the best candidate for president, inasmuch as his campaign was successful in the primaries largely based on his original opposition to the Iraq war. At this point I’d be happy to see Barry McCaffrey get the VP slot.

  4. Massive brainfart. Sorry about that. I did not mean Barry McCaffrey, I meant to say Wesley Clark. I totally don’t know what happened there.

  5. No to Bayh! I like Joe Biden, call me crazy…Wes Clark is my first choice, Webb second, but Biden is a qualified man and a good campaigner, I think. Yes, he shoots off his mouth and that is a risk, but the campaign needs someone who is comfortable being aggressive on the attack, I think he is…

  6. I do not know that Biden would be my first choice–I sort of like Sibeilus (sp?) on just about everything except foreign policy and apparantly charisma–but if Obama is going to pick a senator and if he is not worried about using the vp slot to try and steal or clinch a state he wants and if he thinks that he needs some foreign policy gravitas, then I think Biden is the guy. It never matters whether someone actually knows anything about foreign policy it is what the msm says and they agree that Biden has the credential. Actually he has made a lot of sense on several issues even if his solutions have been impractical. He also has the potential to play the attack dog ala Nixon or Cheney. Finally, he has some appeal to blue collar white men and is a pretty thoruoghly vetted guy.

  7. Gypsey Howell – if I remember correctly, Biden is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has credentials.

    He does have a mouth, but I’ve always liked the fact that he didn’t just roll over and take it like many Dems. I rather like Biden for VP. One guy’s opinion.

  8. Joe Biden strikes me as Shades o’ Dukakis; I know very little about Bayh, other than no one seems to think he’s a good choice. Since I have no control at all over the question, I’m trying not to think about it.

    I did hear that the potential Repug VPs are attacking each other, though. Gooood rabid doggies. Have at it.

  9. I love Biden, but those who fear his drag might be right. If it’s Baye, I’m out. That would be it for me. Not voting for the Democratic nominee if Baye is on the ticket.

  10. Oh, great more right-wing GOP operatives masquerading as Democrats.

    Why can’t we have actual Democrats that support the values of the Democratic Party? Why do we only get moderate Republicans, like Obama, Clinton, Biden, Baye, etc…? I am sick and tired of right wingers pretending to be Democrats.

    Everytime I think I might be able to vote for Obama, his campaign does something mind-bogglingly stupid, like consider Baye or Biden for VP.

  11. I’ve always thought Biden was pretty sharp and I viewed him favorably. But I still have memories of Biden being a lackey for Bush in the early years of the Iraqi invasion. I can understand getting on board and supporting the president as a patriotic responsibility, but Biden was supporting Bush’s Iraqi blunder well after it became obvious that Bush decieved the American people and the invasion of Iraq was a big mistake.
    And that leaves me with a bad feeling about Biden.

    I’m pretty sure it was Biden who said…”If we don’t get it right this time we’ll have to go back.” We didn’t have to go there in the first place — did we?

  12. If it is either Bayh or Biden, it is a pick designed to ease worries from the party insiders/elders who are threatened by a new kid coming in wiht his own people. Bayh would be a nod to the DLC and an attempt to squeak out Indiana which would be game, set, match; Biden would be the choice to ease entrenched Dems that he wasn’t running out everyone who has been on the inside and a counter-balance to Lieberman if they suspected he were to be McCain’s choice. I think Daschle is a possibility for the same reason (Daschle = Biden on meds).

    Personally, Bayh would be awful, Biden I wouldn’t be thrilled with, but could stomach. Yes, being from Delaware, he’s owned by the financials and the bankruptcy bill was horrendous. Yes, he’s never met a camera he doesn’t love. He’s a bit of a loose cannon, but is the sort who can call bullshit when necessary and have it come off as not mere theater. Certainly not my first choice (if it were mine to make, I’d choose Schweitzer from Montana), but my dad who is the ultimate political barometer — has voted for the winner in virtually every election he’s ever voted in (voted against Bush twice, but for Reagan twice) — loves Biden. Anecdotal, sure, but it gives me a sense that it would fly well.

  13. When Alf Landon ran for president he wanted Sen Bridges to be his running mate. But someone told Landon that the opposition would then say, “Landon Bridges falling down.”
    Wouldn’t then follow that the opposition would say,
    “Obama, Bye Bye.”

  14. Obama plays hoops – I think we are seeing a lot of misdirection and head faking with his old friend Tim Kaine among others.

    The best VP candidate Obama could pick is Hillary Clinton, for lots of reasons political and otherwise, and I think he’s smart enough to see that as well.

    Talk about a VP selection heard round the world!!! The echoes would be reverberating for weeks.

  15. I will be horrified if Obama selects Bayh (but of course I’ll vote for him anyway). Biden I could live with — I like his willingness to take it to the GOP. I’m still hoping this short list is a head-fake as Jack R suggests above. I’d like to see someone like Kathleen Sebelius or Brian Schweitzer get the VP slot. I believe Hillary Clinton would be a bad choice for 2 reasons: she would galvinize a dispirited GOP, and Bill Clinton’s peevishness, baggage and need for the spotlight could be a problem.

  16. Between Biden, Bayh, or Webb, then Biden strikes me the best. Do not like Bayh or Webb or Kaine at all.

  17. I’m curious why people don’t like Bayh. A bit too centrist perhaps? Its surely a pity Dems don’t actually live up to the mantra of being liberal they are supposed to be – but this is the world we live in huh?

    Joe Biden seems like a bit of a windbag to me. Not quite as big of one as John Kerry was, but in the Senate you tend to develop a certain special way of communication, i.e. you get to speak endlessly and often about nothing at all. From that perspective I don’t really think picking a Senator is a good bet, but Biden is probably the best of all of them.

    In regards to the idea that my Governor Schweitzer will be the VP – it would surely actually be putting the mountain west strategy into play which seems like a winner to me. I would think Governor Napolitano would be a better candidate, it is still the west (if not mountain west), and it would likely put an end to these Hillary supporters still going on about sexism.

  18. Well, let’s see, that’s a choice between a supporter of the Iraq invasion who voted for the bankruptcy bill and a supporter of the Iraq invasion who voted for the bankruptcy bill. Hm.

    Bayh is right out, for a number of reason. First and foremost, he is scum who is sullying his father’s (very) good name. Of course, the VP has very little to do officially, so that might end up being meaningless, except that he might torpedo Obama’s chances.

    But more importantly for our purposes, Indiana has a Republican governor, who would replace Bayh with a Republican senator. Bad as Bayh is, this is still a very stupid idea.

    Biden, on the other hand, comes from a state with a Democratic governor, so getting him out of the Senate opens up the possibility of getting a real Democrat in the seat – although I wouldn’t count on it, since it’s still the Credit Card Company State.

    While I agree with many that Biden does have the respect of the Villagers and the ability to mouth off at anyone he finds offensive, I still worry that if he’s on the ticket people will actually start talking about what a creep he is, and that will turn people off.

    Is this what we’ve come to, that we don’t have anyone good on the table?

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