5 thoughts on “Olbermann’s Newest Special Comment

  1. What are we getting for our 10 billion dollars a month? Some hazy vision of a distance and abstract victory doesn’t seem to me to be good stewardship of our money. We should invest in something tangible and constructive that improves the lives of our citizens. Brother McCain should take heed of the parable of the talents.

  2. (Sometime during his internment McCain must have been programmed to emerge as the Manchurian Candidate.)

    In another vein, N. Mailer said many years back that “…America is the land which worships the Great Comeback…” in a sense a version of the rags-to-riches story, the American myth that has not only become fact, it’s won recent presidential elections – look at who’s sitting in the White House.

    McCain’s imprisonment in Nam is really at base the sum and substance of his candidacy. Various themes and variations abound in his rhetoric, but they are all at heart his Comeback from Adversity story and its sucking sound seems only to grow louder.

    The only way Obama can fight it is to create his own Comeback from Adversity story. Sound gimmicky? A quick perusal of past successful election campaigns proves, unfortunately, that gimmicks are the name of this pitiful game.

  3. Good link, Doug. It’s interesting to see how well McCain did at Annapolis.. I guess 5th from the bottom of 899 men ain’t too shabby a performance,huh? He could’ve been last.

  4. Wow..Guiliani is going to be the keynote speaker at the GOP convention. It’s great that McCain’s campaign was able to work out suitable financial arrangements for Guiliani’s speaking fee so that we can get to hear the precious insights of the man who brought us through the tragedy of 911. I hope he speaks on something substantive and pertinent facing America’s future, like the current moral degeneration of America’s leadership, or the value of safeguarding integrity in public office. We are so blessed that God has raised up a warrior without blemish in the person of Rudy Guiliani to direct our steps into the future with his unerring wisdom and moral fortitude. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime, my friends, to witness greatness at the upcoming GOP convention.

    Oh. yeah..just curious about convention protocol..what happens to Rudy’s single delegate to the convention..Does he get released to McCain at the convention, or was he automatically released when Rudy folded in the primary?

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