Convention, Day 1

I’m watching the convention on MSNBC. At one point, MSNBC cut to the beginning of Nancy Pelosi’s speech, and there was no sound. So I flipped to CNN — no Nancy Pelosi; CNN was on a commercial break. I turned to Faux (briefly) — Nancy was in a corner of the screen, and the bobbleheads were talking over her. Finally I went back to MSNBC. The audio link was fixed, and they showed the speech without interruption.

From what I can see through the television screen, stories about Clintonistas causing chaos at the convention are highly exaggerated. The loud die-hards out on the streets in their tin foil hats are not serious about politics; they are trying to draw attention to themselves. Chuck Todd made a good point when he said they were the Dem equivalent of Ron Paul supporters. There will be unity in the hall.

There is speculation that Senator Kennedy will address the convention. If he can do it, that would be amazing.

Update: Well, there he is. This could be really important for the party.

Update 2: I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s speech. She’s very good.

More update — this was a very good speech, well delivered. And she looks gorgeous. Oh, and there are the little girls.

Keith Olbermann is saying “case closed.” Wait until the reaction from the Right. They’ll find something to pick apart so they can hate her.

BTW, Little Lulu is reporting that there are riots going on outside the hall. She’s got a streaming video of the “riot,” which consists of people meandering around. Somebody buy the girl a dictionary.

Do we want to review what went on in New York City during the 2004 GOP convention, Michelle?

13 thoughts on “Convention, Day 1

  1. I am disgusted and full of contempt for MSNBC and prolly all the other cable news sluts and their pimps I am not watching in this moment. I realize they have to make a living, but shit mommy, are their pimp corporate overlords so full of energy to create spoilage and conflict that they that can only demand the street walkers to spew Hillary hates Barack, etc? Where are the frackin’ issues?

    Chris Matthews–you and the donkey, baby, you and the donkey,…like in Tijuana. Gotta run, Teddy is on.

  2. I don’t have cable, so it was PBS and the Mute button every time David Brooks opened his yap.

    Priceless moment, exclusive to PBS:

    Up in the booth with Jim Lehrer, Mark Shields and the Cabbage, Jimmy Carter said he knows the presidency of Barack Obama will (paraphrasing) “give our country the grace to finally overcome racial hatred.” (I clearly recall him using the words “the grace” and “hatred.”) Then, he turned directly to David Brooks and said, with his big old toothy grin, “Did you like what I just said?” and gave Brooks a thumbs-up. Brooks looked startled, but nodded.

    It was every bit as good as Teddy’s lion’s roar, which was awesome, and cost me a quarter of a box of Kleenex.

    Michelle was very at ease, and there’s no way that woman could hide her intelligence and passion if she tried. I tried to envision how Cindy McCain is going to look and sound when her turn comes, next week. Bleccch. Night of The Living Botox.

  3. I realize I’m just a dirty f’ing hippie who’s been longing for the lost dream of my childhood ever since they shot Bobby, but I was, as my wife and I coyly call it, “leaky” several times tonight. First during the pre-Teddy video, then by the sight of him loud and proud as he spoke, and finally by Michelle.

    I know others feel differently, but there is just no way Hillary could have connected me to that sense of hope that, maybe, if the winds blow the right way and we all work very hard, we could end up Back on the Path.

    I was also struck by how often tonight Democrats were talking about things that used to be ‘conservative’ values, but which the GOP has made a mockery: hard work, honesty, pulling yourself up, serving your community and your country. I don’t know what will pass through the media filter to the electorate, but people who were watching what I did got a real good message.

  4. Michelle Obama looked great and sounded great. Both her external and internal beauty were radiant. And their little girls are adorable. I agree with Olbermann…case closed.

    I also agreed with Ted Kennedy’s assertion that America( Bush-MCain) shouldn’t commit our brave and honorable soldiers to a mistake.

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  6. Am I the only one who despaired watching a brilliant, accomplished woman like Michelle (where’d the Robinson go?) Obama try to shoe-horn herself into the role of June Cleever?

  7. I thought Michelle was brilliant. I didn’t have a sense of her diminishing herself at all. I saw her speaking with pride about her roots and Barack’s as well, and expressing her hopes for her family and the families here who have suffered under the Bush presidency.

    I tried to imagine Laura Bush or Cindy McCain delivering a passionate, empowered speech like Michelle’s and couldn’t do it.

  8. Everyone:

    If you want to see all the convention without interruptions or pundit comments, go to C-SPAN. They do it right.

  9. In regard to the 3 conspirators arrested while planning to shoot Obama; it would be interesting to know if they are regular views of Faux network and listeners of right wing talk radio gas bags like Limbaugh. It would be nice to be able to pin this one on them.

  10. Re: the quality of news coverage- do you have broadband, Maha? If you do, you could try to get life streams from one of the TV stations websites.

  11. try to shoe-horn herself into the role of June Cleever?

    I didn’t see that at all. What am I missing?

  12. biggerbox, the first paragraph of your comment (#4) is absolutely priceless. I was welling up all over again, reading it.

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