Word is that Ike is a terrible storm.

Where is all the sincere Republican concern that was displayed over Gustav? Two weeks ago, as the Republican National Convention was about to begin, President Bush flew to Texas so he could be filmed strutting around in an emergency control center, pretending to be doing something.

Today, Bush stuck to his fundraising schedule.

Hardly anyone cares about what Bush does or doesn’t do any more. Even so, we may wake up tomorrow to a new landscape, geographically and politically.

May all beings in danger find sanctuary.

9 thoughts on “Ike

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  2. Nothing to see here folk’s. Move along…

    Wait! There’s Mitt! He was in Houston for some secret rich-guys convention. Bush wasn’t invited, the money from all of the corruption won’t come in for a few more years.
    Mitt’s trying to get his family out of harms way. He’s lashing his hound to the roof of his car, and, like Odysseus bound to the mast, the beast is howling into the wind. And the poor dog ain’t havin’ a great time either….

  3. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make light of this.
    My thought’s and prayer’s go out to everyone who’s in the path of this monster.

  4. It will be a terrible commentary on our nation if it takes another huge national disaster to remind voters that, at this point in history, the Republicans suck.

    Even tuning out the campaign news (impossible!), there’s death and disaster aplenty this weekend. At a time when Americans should start riding trains again, 17 killed (as of this morning) in the head-on collision in Chatsworth, CA. Meanwhile parts of Galveston, TX resemble the Ninth Ward.

    Is FEMA out of trailers? Are its trailers still emitting poisonous fumes?

    I think it’s time to head over to the American Red Cross website, and make a donation. Later, gang.

  5. I was at the bar in an Outback Steakhouse, in heavily Republican Orange County CA, watching the flooding in Texas on TV, and some lout across from me was talking loudly about the “dumbasses” who were staying in [name of city being flooded], and how we shouldn’t pay any money to rescue them.

    Over the last 25 years, I’ve had it up to here with right wing meanness and stupidity, and so I laid into the guy verbally. It’s not my habit to pick verbal fights in public places, but I just had enough. I managed to shut the guy up, but was steaming for few minutes afterward, as my meal arrived. Shortly after, I was sublimely rewarded as a young couple – a handsome black man and a charming white girl – sat next to me. I wanted to thank them, for challenging the social norms in this country, but instead just smiled inside. The right winger walked away.

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