I’m seeing McCain-Palin television ads in the New York City media market. This reaches into southern New York state, maybe a piece of Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey, as well as NYC. Does McCain think he’s got a shot at New Jersey?

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  1. They think Palin gives them the Hillary supporters. It’s a shame they think the women who supported Hillary will vote for any woman just because she’s a woman. They have insulted the intelligence of strong, independent women all over this country ~ but they’ll know that in November!! 1.20.2009!!!!!

  2. The NYC media market covers the weathly suburbs of Farifield County, CT, where in towns like Greenwich live many of the people who will actually benefit from the McCain tax plan. It’s probably worth running a few ads past those eyeballs for fundraising purposes, even though they are already in his camp.

    Plus, there are millions of people in the greater area. Some of them must be morons who could use the reinforcement, as they are hard-of-thinking. I assume that Rush Limbaugh has an audience there, right?

  3. I assume that Rush Limbaugh has an audience there, right?

    I don’t know about Connecticut, but here in Westchester there are plenty of rich people, and they’re overwhelmingly Democratic voters these days. People in this part of New York wouldn’t elect a Republican if God told them to. Upstate they’re more conservative.

  4. Much as it pains me to say it, the gap in New Jersey is narrowing, not widening. Monday’s poll has us at a 5 point spread, down from 9. I don’t know what’s going on with people here–I don’t know anyone who’s been taken in by Palin, certainly, and that includes women at the gym I go to, who are in their 50s and 60s and were quite vocal last week about the way Palin’s parading her pregnant daughter around (and these are not people I know well, so it’s not like I’m only traveling in liberal circles). Go figure.

  5. We saw the ads in NY tonight and were a little surprised too. It’s a good thing though, because we learned something new – apparently John McCain is a maverick! Who knew?

  6. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can get more information from Jon Stewart than anyone else. He had a whole segment showing how the talking heads will say one thing and then about the same type of thing say something opposite.
    He showed the faux guy say Britney Spears’ sister being pregnant was the result of bad parenting. Then when it came to Palin’s daughter it was all okay and just one of those things and a big happy family type of thing. He also had something from rove and others.

    I guess the dems will just have to point out the lies and say if you liked the lies for the past 8 years, you will like the lies for the next 4 unless you chose the canidates who speak the truth.

  7. I’m watching MTP as I type. They’re covering the recent Newsweek and AP polls and I’m not getting it. HuffPo reports that Obama raised $66 million in August, his best month ever. 500,000 NEW donors, and assuming all that money came from the new donors, it amounted to just over $130 per donor. This is grass-roots fundraising. How can these polls be reconciled with this increased support? It does not make sense.

  8. erinyes, not ot. I read that dKos link and thought, Yuck! If that came in my Sunday paper, I’d use an oven mitt and tongs just to carry the DVD to the garbage can.

    There was a time…. Oh, children, gather round! There was a time, let’s call it the 1990s, when “information” of that sort was only handed out by crackpots on street corners. Now it arrives on our doorstep with the weekly coupon inserts, and we must call a Hazmat team to come take it to the landfill, where it speeds the destruction of our earth.

  9. I got a copy of the DVD too in the Charlotte Observer. I promptly tossed it. I had an ineresting conversation with my daughters, daughter-in-law and one of their friends regarding Sarah Palin. These are all women in their 30’s, with masters degrees and holding down full time jobs while raising a family.They don’t see how she could take on the duties of VP while raising a family especially with a child with special needs. I was somewhat surprised by their reaction, however my daughter said she has enough trouble balancing her job, house, husband and 2 kids. Then I talked to my son and son-in-law, I am already on record with them regarding how I feel about this election. My son-in-law was mostly annoying and he is bothered that Oprah endorsed Obama. He also kept bringing up Rev Wright and whyh did Obama stay wih the church if he disagreed with what Rev Wright said. I didn’t have a good answer. My son is on notice, if he votes for McCain he is not to tell me because I will be really mad at him. His wife is a big Obama supporter.

  10. So, OK, extremely o/t, but it’s something that bugs me.

    marilyn … a decent answer about Rev. Wright… The guy was not all-anti-america all-the-time. What he talked about, mostly, was good solid christian type stuff. He occasionally made forays into political topics, and on just a few occasions, said political stuff that could be considered somewhat offensive, which Obama has said he was unaware of at the time.

    The church routinely made video tapes of sermons, and the media and both the Clinton and McCain campaigns have had months to comb over every last bit of it, but all we ever see is a few select outtakes. If the guy was saying offensive stuff from the pulpit on a regular basis, wouldn’t we have seen it by now? And if he was NOT saying offensive stuff on any kind of regular basis, why on earth would Obama want to jump preachers, when this is the guy that helped him really “come to Jesus” in the first place?


  11. Re: Wright, back in March, the Chicago Tribune printed several lengthy excerpts from Wright’s sermons along with the sound bites used to create controversy around him. The quotes in context are really not objectionable (at least not in my opinion). For instance, I think he’s quite right to point out that 9/11 had roots in US foreign policy dating back at least 20 years. From that point of view, he’s not wrong to say that our chickens came home to roost.

    I’m not convinced that he was saying much that was offensive at all, given the context of the quotes that got him in trouble.

  12. Marilyn, you might also gently guide your son to read (or better yet, view) Obama’s Philadelphia speech:

    Some things to mention (in addtion to alto2’s information above, that Wright’s remarks were taken out of context): Obama did not use speechwriters to write the Philadelphia speech, he wrote every word himself; his speech didn’t contain any factual mis-statements (as opposed to both Palin and McCain’s convention speeches; you can Google “fact check” on those); Gov. Palin’s own remarks in her church, regarding the war in Iraq being “God’s work,” can be seen in their full context, but even so she has tried to disavow what she said.

    In short, Obama is far more honest and open about his relationship to his church and former pastor than Palin is about her own current views and statements.

  13. We need a good dose of fear…that’s what ails us. I often wondered why Christians are always having revivals. It’s because people need to have their emotional batteries recharged with Jesus.

    And for the same reason the American people need their fear revived to help keep them helpless. Rudy Guilani was the first revivalist to speak at the GOP pep rally to understand how important it is that our nation get its daily requirement of fear.

    “Oh Lord, prepare my heart with hate, and my mind with fear, so that I may be your willing vessel.”

  14. The republican theme of this election is ‘country first’. They said it over and over during the convention. This is why they have seized upon the comments of Reverend Wright ~ most notably the section of his sermon that came to a crecendo with ‘God Bless America? God Damn America!’. Obviously when all you hear is that sentence ~ conveniently the only part of the clip not obliterated by the voice over, your patriotic hackles stand on edge. The fact of the matter is, if we step back (I’m guessing a half inch or so should do it) and take an impartial look at the state of our country right now, we’d all understand where his frustration was coming from and what he was trying to accomplish with the shocking verbiage. Similarly, they repeatedly mis~quote Michelle Obama’s comment that for the first time she was (forgive me, I can’t remember if the word here was VERY or EXTREMELY) proud to be American. I talk to people from all over the world all the time and I have to say, I would have understood if she HAD said it the way the Republicans keep trying to spin it. I’m not proud of Bush’s America. I’m not ashamed to be American, (and I’m hoping this election won’t change that) but I can’t say I’m boastfully proud to be either.

    I’d like to send a shout out and thank you to Marilyn’s daughters/DILs. I am a liberal woman, a feminist in a sense and I can’t imagine how a mother of 5 children (3 small ones ~ let alone a special needs child in the bonding phase) can possibly be all the MightyMoral things a right wing mother should be AND be the active VP she claims she’ll be ~ did I mention 2nd in command to a 72 year old president who has already said he’ll only serve one term because of his advanced age? I am always apprehensive to say anything though because not having kids, folks don’t think my opinion credible. Well, if it’s true that one can’t even imagine what’s involved in being a parent until you are one… doesn’t that give me MORE credibility??? LOL *climbing off soapbox, thanks for listening*

  15. Great article New Republic article titled Against Integrity by Leon Wieseltier about Palin…resonates with much being said here. Apparently some conservatives believe that it is not the act that is wrong but rather WHO commits the act. Weve seen this from Fox News railing against Britney Spear’s child born out of wedlock while the same circumstances being viewed in a different light when it comes to Palins daughter. Good short read.

    Well, given the Bush administration’s disregard of law it’s hardly surprising that others would want a pass on the morality with which they have hounded others. Get out of jail (or off the hook) free cards are very much in demand these days.

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