7 thoughts on “Live Blog Tonight

  1. Gee, Maha. I hope you don’t pick on John McCain tonight.Remember he’s the only one who has really fought for America. And besides that, he’s an underdog maverick,and as everyone knows,mavericks are a misunderstood and often under appreciated breed by nature. I mean, if being a maverick was easy..then everybody would be a maverick, right?

  2. The first Obama-McCain debate (that almost didn’t happen) was on the 48th anniversary of the first Kennedy-Nixon debate. Tonight’s is on the 148th anniversary of the last Lincoln-Douglas debate.


    Yet another tall brainiac from Illinois mops up the floor with a mavericky little dude.

    Plus, I’ve got ice cream. So let’s do this thing.

  3. Peter denied Christ three times…And McCain has denied Bush over half a dozen times already. George Bush?..I never knew him!

  4. fshk I got an error when trying to post on your blog, but here is what I said : It certainly is odd at the difference in the lines between men and women. I think I also noticed a guy dip when Obama said something about the “little guy”.
    If McCain doesn’t have irises, it’s probably because he is on drugs. At his age, most people are on something.

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