Common Guys R Us

Bill Kristol — Harvard grad, scion an old elite family, who has spent his life in a cocoon of privilege — says it’s OK if politics is getting vulgar. It’s those salt-of-the-earth common people who have made it so. And, by gosh, in America, they’re in charge! If Peggy Noonan doesn’t like it, she is just being snotty.

Of course, the simple-minded peasants who prefer Barack Obama to John McCain don’t know what’s good for them. But they might change their minds and elect John McCain anyway. And wouldn’t that annoy the media elites! (Kristol, who inherited a magazine from his father and is capping a career of non-accomplishment as a columnist for the New York Times, does not see himself as a media elite. Why not? Media elites prefer Obama. And the McCain campaign has Joe the Plumber!)

I’m not making this up.

Update: It’s what I get for posting something quickly before dashing off to physical therapy (see last post). Bill Kristol founded Weekly Standard; his daddy Irving founded some other magazines.

Update: More stuff to read this morning —

Paul Krugman, “The Real Plumbers of Ohio

Conor Clarke, “A Philosophical Dead End

Michael Tomasky, “The Republicans have lifted the lid off their rightwing id

Jonathan Alter, “We’re Heading Left Once Again

Walter Shapiro, “Turning Indiana Blue

Howard Wolfson, “The End of Nixonland

Taken together, the articles above all say we’re on the edge of a massive political realignment.

9 thoughts on “Common Guys R Us

  1. What are Republicans saying about the Powell endorsement?

    Well, you know that Limbaugh and Buchanan are saying it’s all about race… and that Powell would never support a white liberal. I expect that kind of comment from them.

    And sums up their position in the diary of Andrew Bolton:

    Another note to moderate Republicans: Hey guys, are you happy with your fellow moderate? No? You should be–this is what you moderates do. They pretend in order to achieve status, and then attack the hand that feeds them–to maintain that status. Yes, you keep telling us that Palin’s conservatism is what is sinking McCain. Really? Do you think that McCain picking another moderate would have changed Powell’s position? If you do, I’ve got a nice bridge to sell you.

    But what about the more thoughtful comments from Republicans?

    Here are some:

    “What that just did in one sound bite… is it eliminated the experience argument.” – Newt Gingrich

    “the most important endorsement of the campaign so far.” – David Gergen

    “Endorsements tend to reaffirm what voters already know or like (or dislike) about a candidate’s personal and ideological attributes. But the endorsement of Colin Powell is significant because of its timing and the message it sends to swing Democrats and independents… His endorsement is aimed at easing those doubts about Obama’s readiness and experience right at the time voters are making their decision on whom they will support on Election Day.” – Mitt Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden

    “A Powell endorsement now is a huge step to close that sale, to make Obama seem even safer and more attractive as a president.” – Norm Orenstein, American Enterprise Institute (Norm may be a moderate, but the AEI certainly isn’t.)

    “I’d like to associate myself with all the points he made.” – Susan Eisenhauer, Ike’s Daughter (formerly a Republican, now an Obama supporter.)

    I think the Powell endorsement does even more than the massive number of newspaper endorsements have done so far. It really gives independents and moderates “permission” to come over to Obama.

    It WILL effect the election.

    Under The LobsterScope

  2. we’re on the edge of a massive political realignment.

    maybe so, but if Donna Brazile is any indication, how much difference will it make?

  3. wmr — I’m sorry, I don’t read minds. You’re going to have to spell out whatever your problem is with Donna Brazile.

  4. wmr — I read digby once week or so. It’s a great blog, but I don’t have time to do much more than skim news aggregate sites these days.

    OK, now that I’ve read it, I’m saying both you and digby need to take a couple of steps back and enjoy the broader view. I’m not talking about just a change of parties in the White House. I’m not talking about just electing Obama.

  5. I read the Digby post, and my reaction is, So?

    Anyone whose entire definition of “massive political realignment” involves government spending, needs to stop obsessing in the manner of John McCain.

    Restoration of tax equity; reduction of spending in Iraq; no tax dollars for the likes of Pat Robertson; tax incentives for alternative energy…. I could go on, but my lunch hour’s almost over. Those are all part of a “massive political realignment” we can have right away. We get it that there’s no money at the moment for health-care reform or an alternative-energy “Manhattan Project.” But we’re talking about a new president who can raise $150 million in one month, averaging $250 per capita, from the people who want him in the White House.

    So Newt Gingrich whines and Donna Brazile tells him he’s full of it. There’s nothing new under the sun.

  6. If Glenn Beck can be shuffled from CNN to Fox News, then perhaps some similar low-ratings scrutiny can be applied to Kristol to eject him from his prestigious post.

    Thank God for Colin Powell. He’s partially redeemed himself.

  7. I’ve been reading two large articles at that are becoming staples in my discussions with folks I’m trying to get off the fence:

    The 10 Dirtiest Election Tricks The Republicans Have Tried So Far
    – the best way to make sure these tricks don’t work is to understand what they are trying to do.


    10 Reasons for Democrats to Think Positive Despite the McCain Sleazathon – Why Obama remains on top no matter what McCain does!

    Check these out for your own campaign arsenal.

    Under The LobsterScope

  8. Thank God for Colin Powell. He’s partially redeemed himself

    For me there is no redemption for Colin Powell to any degree. When I look back at the debacle called Operation Iraqi Freedom and assess the culpability of the individual engineers in perpetrating that hoax on the American public, Colin Powell stands head and shoulders above the other lying scumbags in his responsibility. Colin Powell added credibility to the mix, the one essential ingredient necessary to hatch the neocon plot to invade Iraq.

    If Colin Powell had been a stooge who had been played by Cheney and Bush, he had every responsibility to speak the truth when he became aware that his so called innocence was compromised by facts in reality. There are only two possibilities to consider..either Colin Powell was a dupe, or he was complicit in Bush’s deception. Powell never cared to address his role in selling the invasion of Iraq..He’s sent out his aide-de-camp, or whatever( front man), Col. Wilkerson to intimate that he has been mislead,but that doesn’t cut it for honesty or service to country. The truth can’t be spoken in somebody’s behalf…it’s like the truth once removed?

    In my eyes Powell will always remain a scumbag. All of Powell’s previous honorable service to our nation counts for shit in view of his betrayal to the American people. His silence is his conviction, and there’s no redemption without confession.

    I do appreciate Obama getting a boost… even if the source is tarnished.

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