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  1. Yes, the music is Paul Simon, American Tune from his second solo album post-Garfunkel in 1973. As I recall, it was written in response to the re-election of Richard Nixon. Interesting how well it fits today, eh?

  2. Biggerbox, you beat me to it. My brother played the bejeepers out of that album (There Goes Rhymin’ Simon) back in the day. The perfect song for that ad. And yes, it’s spooky how it fits, 35 years later.

    I think I’d better lay in a supply of Kleenex for tomorrow. Already I can tell it’s going to be an extremely emotional day.

  3. That ad comes up on you so softly and subtley. Love the eventual pairing of GWB and McCain. I hope it gets lots of play.

    Digby had another brilliant ad a few days ago. It featured a couple of quotes by McCain, along the lines of him admitting that he didn’t know much about economics, and would probably need to consult with his vice president (spoken before Palin was nominated). It cut to Palin giving us that phony wink of hers during the debate. Nothing more needed to be said.

    We clearly have the creative geniuses on our side.

  4. I wish this had come out a few weeks ago, I just saw a youtube vid with Palin still saying how Obama would tax everyone including the homeless (O.K., she didn’t say that exactly), and that McPain would lower taxes for everyone in the known universe.

    No word on how this plan would help the debt or deficit, they are evidently still pushing the trickle down theory which has just worked out so peachy in the last 8 years…

  5. Election Day

    Here it is… after all the campaigning, the speeches, the attacks and comebacks, the primaries, the local committee meetings, the blogs, the newspaper articles, the hours an hours of Morning Joe and C-Span, the worries and the reliefs of the polling… Election Day. I’m, of course, an early voter who is now waiting to see how the rest of America comes in.

    Worrying about the final outcome has cost me sleep, made my poor diabetic blood sugar run high in the morning for no apparent reason, and kept me returning to rightist blogs and Fox News to see what the Republicans are doing, waiting for a last minute trick to spoil Barack’s potential win (last night alone I must have seen fifty Reverend Wright commercials by some right-wing 527… and read entry after entry in right-wing blogs that made fun of the death of Obama’s grandmother… an unimaginable set of evil jabs that I thought were beyond what Americans could do.)

    The polls are still up this morning for the Democrats. Even so, Joe and Mika are debating how McCain could win, discussing Bradley Effects, Reverse Bradley Effects, Florida overthrows and all the things Pat Buchanan wants to bring up. I drink my coffee and watch the televised pictures of voter lines.

    I’m teaching my long Color Class today at HCC, so I can’t do volunteer work. Mt son is working as a voting machine maintenance person in Maryland, shuffling between Williamsport and Hagerstown. He has a sixteen hour straight shift and will see a lot of Washington County, the most right-wing county in the state, voters. Elly eaches today as well… but we all voted early and we’re all worried that the outcome will shift from the last poll indications.

    I went back and reviewed entries in Under The LobsterScope from November of 2004, back in the first year of this blog, when we were all excited about the possibility of getting Bush out of office. The polls on the night before had Kerry ahead with an estimated 304 electoral votes. I, like many, really believed it would come off. We didn’t know about the voting machine changes and other things that were screwing things up And in the end, we were surprised by Kerry’s loss.

    But I found one line which has been the underpinning of this and so many other blogs:

    Unless we start today to influence and change the country in the Congressional races of 2006, we must start TODAY. It is DAY ONE of the new campaign.

    As we all know, we succeeded in 2006. Now we just have to succeed in 2008. We are not as innocently “up” as in 2004, however.

    All I can say now is GET OUT AND VOTE. Vote for Democrats! Vote for Obama! I want to sleep well tonite.

    Under The LobsterScope

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