Tonight: Open Thread

I’m going to be out tonight for return-watching. Feel free to discuss until I get back, hopefully not too late tonight.

Update: I’m home, tired but happy. My daughter has a liveblog here.

23 thoughts on “Tonight: Open Thread

  1. I’m madly kicking through CNN and Yahoo and hoooolyyy shit! Obama’s taking names and kicking ass!

  2. Swami-God has forsaken her because of her big hair, Jesse Helms
    school of ads and her lack of producing anything for NC. I feel so good about this one.

  3. The next task will be to push the masters. 1) universal health care based on the elimination of the insurance companies that take 10-20% off the top. 2) cut the military industrial complex so that money can be diverted to education and infrastructure. and 3) change trade policy so we do not tolerate slavery in the world economy any more.

    We should identify advocates for these changes. Then, formulate simple statements of these positions.

  4. God, I miss Dan Rather. Katie Couric is an annoying piece of nasal fluff by comparison. About this time o’ night, old Dan would be starting to sound real Texan. My all-time favorite election-coverage moment was when he announced that Jesse Ventura had just been elected governor of Minnesota: “I woulda been less surprised if Fee-del Castro rode into this studio, wearin a tutu and ridin a hippopotamus.”

    Man… ABC’s showing Times Square; it looks like New Year’s Eve 1999. Cool!

    I’m staying up until Obama hits 270.

  5. Great viewing pleasure over at FAUX, they are crying in their soup! Too funny, also Bill Bennet on CNN is about to have a massive coronary!

  6. Do you think we can get bush to leave early now that we have a REAL ELECTED President???????? He can do a lot of damage in only a few months(as we have seen).

    I recall many years ago when rush was on tv,, back in the days when Bill Clinton was running, rush showed how the white house would look IF we were crazy enough(from that morons point of view ) to elect Clinton to office. It was tie die with peace symbols painted on it if I remember right and there was pot smoking(GASP) and other hippie references that made rush seem even more insane than he really is/was.. Anyhow I bring this up because one can only imagine what rush’s picture of the white house would look like now…

    As much as I want to celebrate I believe we are in for four years of Ken star politics. I think the powers that be(or wanna be) will be so upset by this spit at their white sheet values they will never allow the country to move forward as we should . Instead there will endless investigations into everyone Obama ever shared a country with …

    Most I know locally predict some nut will kill him…But doing that would give him star status like Kennedy. No the only way I see for the freak show that has driven this nation(off of a cliff) for the past 8 years to get back at Obama for daring to win is to take him down.Just throw shit until some finally sticks. More of the same as they have been trying this entire election cycle…I can hardly wait until the wingnuts start bringing us “Obama’s Love child/children”….LOL…

    If all the man had to do was be president he would be fine…but do you really think that the wingnuts can afford for that to happen? Can they afford to look wrong? Can they afford for Obama to do well? See, it aint about America for these folks it is all about the wingnut agenda..all one needs to do to see I am right is look at the example they have made for themselves in the last 16 years..The new definition of insanity is messing with the same wingnuts and expecting a different result

    Congrats to Dems, My fellow Americans and especially to Obama and his family..I hope for all of our sake that it is not how I fear it will be for Obama because this nation really needs a step in the new direction he has offered us.

  7. Justme, if anyone assasinates or wounds Obama, it will be the death knell to wingnuts – he’ll become a martyr, like JFK or RFK. Can you imagine how motivated the rest of the country would become to shut them down? The wingnuts already embarassed themselves big time with their knuckledragging campaign and their Bombshell from Wasilla, this would be the final straw.

    That said, I do think attempts could occur. I’m a lot more concerned about the monumental amount of work Obama is going to have before him. Robert Reich, Clinton’s Labor Secretary, wrote a great (short) piece about this on his blog. Excerpt:

    “Each of Obama’s major initiatives – affordable health care, high-quality schools along with early-childhood education, an end to oil dependence along with a cap-and-trade system that reduces carbon emissions, a more equitable tax system, and a withdrawal from Iraq – would be difficult to achieve on its own. Together they comprise one of the most ambitious presidential agendas in living memory.

    “First are the corporate and financial interest groups that will lobby intensely to preserve the status quo or get a disproportionate share of whatever the government is handing out. Pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and giant hospital chains will seek control over any health-care initiative. Teachers unions, textbook publishers, and state and local education interests will want to take over any educational reform. Producers of coal, ethanol, and nuclear power will try to dominate the energy and environment agenda. Military contractors will want a say over defense policy.

    “Wall Street will seek to retain control over its massive bailout.

    “The Joint Chiefs of Staff will demand that defense expenditures remain high, however quickly the Iraq War winds down.

    “Fiscal conservatives – including a newly-enlarged group of “blue-dog” Democrats – will fret over the ballooning budget deficit brought on by slower growth and the enormous expense of bailing out Wall Street. They’ll want to put any new spending initiatives on hold.

    “Business groups, Republicans, libertarians, talk-radio hosts, and the Wall Street Journal and Fox News will emit a constant and consistent cacophony of bilious rage over anything resembling a tax hike on the rich or big corporations.

    “Obama’s agenda may survive all this – if a deepening economic crisis focuses the public’s attention and mobilizes its support; if Obama communicates to the public clearly and compellingly why his agenda is necessary to the future; and if his vast campaign network of volunteers and Netroots transforms itself into a movement to take back politics from the lobbyists, naysayers, pork peddlars, and moneyed interests that normally run things in Washington.”

    But enough of all that. It will be true enough soon enough. Tonight, it’s time to celebrate. It’s been eight long awful years, and the dawn’s light has just broken.

  8. None of the networks will call it but I think Obama even won my homestate the reddest of red states Indiana! He has a small 16,000 vote lead right now, not many votes left to count. Unbelievable!!!!

  9. Wow! It’s been 48 years since I heard an incoming president talk like that. Maybe our country really will get moving again. There’s so much to do.

    Uncledad, I just came from Talking Points Memo. I saw Obama’s lead in Indiana and just whistled. That is something.


  10. My emotions are difficult to describe. I’ve been weeping for much of the evening. The long, dark, nightmare of the last eight years is coming to an end. Soon the Texas village will have its idiot returned to it. A couple of times tonight the news shows have shown live clips of the white house where people are surrounding it in joy. Since Obama’s speech I have watched C-Span and the nuts are still out – three callers claim Obama was not born in America and one caller claims President Elect Obama is a Muslim. I guess that just goes to reiterate what moonbat and justme say. Lets all come together and give ourselves a hug tonight.

  11. A few minutes ago a caller called C-Span and said Obama got into Harvard because of “a letter from a Saudi Prince.” The C-Span moderator said, “that is a new one! Where did you learn that?” The caller simply answered, “some website…” I don’t think it was this website! Obama could have some challenges with people like this.

  12. Sorry but I just have one last thought. All of the sudden the real John McCain was back tonight. Where did he go? Why did McCain think he had to appeal to people’s base instincts to achieve victory? My thought is that he saw what happened in 2000 and 2004 and he tried to duplicate that paradigm. Tonight Senator McCain was graceful in defeat and finally told these nutty supporters of Sarah Palin to be quite. I think if he had run his campaign that way he may have won.

  13. When Ohio and Iowa went blue last night, I felt Tweety’s tingle run up my leg. I’m stunned (stunned!) that Indiana seems to have gone blue (per MSNBC at least). North Carolina and Missouri still too close to call? Speachless.

    My home state of Virginia voted to elect a black democrat for president. It warms the heart, it does. Fabulous.

  14. The Asshole we’ve been watching for the last several months is the “Real John McCain”…He only acts like a human when he has no other choice…

    The military always has them, hot-and-cold running…

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