6 thoughts on “Enraged? Impotent?

  1. Has Kirchick been right about something, anything, and I’ve missed it? Greenwald eviscerated him not long ago. Meanwhile, the “Along with abandoning Iraq to Iran and Al Qaeda, punishing the “traitor” Joe Lieberman was their paramount concern…” sentence has so many errors it’s hard to know where to start, but it’s more than enough to show that Kirchick has little credibility.

  2. For thou shalt heap hot coals of kindness upon his head, and the Lord shall reward you.

    Lieberman had to eat a shit sandwich in his interview with Katie Couric. Couric called him out on his back stabbing turncoat rhetoric..Lieberman just dodged the question and grinned, but he knew that he was the recipient of Obama’s grace.

    I’m not enraged that Lieberman got away with undeserved kindness…It’s a thanksgiving tradition to pardon a turkey.

  3. As we all know kindness is a concept that the right does not understand. There is nothing wrong with a little kindness; nor anything wrong with a whole lot of kindness.

  4. …I’ve understood for a long time that I’m not a “good” progressive and that both my failings as a “good” progressive and as a writer are what relegate me to the hinterlands of blogtopia. Having said that, I must confess I’m growing tired of the Big Dogs’ hand-wringing and whining over reports of Obama’s cabinet picks and other things that have transpired over the last week. Kirchick is just trying to stir up trouble and that’s perfectly understandable, given the fertile ground that 2000 and 2004 demonstrated was out there for someone who has the time and the right sort of plow…

    One of the problems the true progressives face – just like true believer social conservatives – is that names matter far too much at the fringe of the discussion. Joe Lieberman was a jerk and forcing him to walk the plank woud have been supremely satisfying, but that isn’t the big issue. Having Hilary Clinton within hailing distance of the White House may be a repudiation of everything that some progressives believe in, but that isn’t the big issue. Larry Summers isn’t the big issue…

    The big issue is that John McCain won’t be putting his hand on a Bible on January 20, 2009, to swear that he will preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. That’s what matters, and the last eight years speak untold volumes about how much that matters…

  5. Gelding Joe Leiberman would be emotionaly satisfying but there are issues in the Senate that WILL come down to one vote. If Obama nailed Joe’s privates as a trophy in the Oval office, Joe would have every reason to switch to Republican and stab Obama at every opportunity. That’s politics; it’s an essential skill in DC to smile and shake hands with people you would rather behead.

    Suppose there is no move in the Obama Justice Dept to investigate abuses that are actually war crimes under Bush’s watch. (Expect exactly that.) Suppose there is a move – a credible one – in Europe to prosecute Americans for war crimes. Then, possiby, Obama might do what he would like to do but politically can’t – prosecute top level officials who ordered actions that violated intn’t law & the Geneva Convention. The issue is not how to force Obama to pursue a libral agenda, but how we create a political climate where Obama can.

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