Now some movement conservatives are angry with their former champion, Rick Santorum, because he said of Sarah Palin, “She doesn’t have a well-informed worldview.” The tribe is eating its own.

Writing about Palin’s most recent interview, David Frum said,

However nastily and treacherously Palin’s media handlers may have behaved after the election, their only error during the election was to offer too much access to Palin, not too little. Those handlers faced a daunting problem: Their party’s nominee for vice president could not respond to questions without embarrassing herself. The handlers who kept Pain under wraps knew what they were doing. Had Palin refused all interviews during the campaign, there would have been some criticism, but it would have been forgotten by now – and the Gibson and Couric interviews would not be filling YouTube, ready to be rebroadcast in 2012.

Frum was criticizing Palin’s media handlers, not the McCain campaign itself, but what does it say when the veep candidate has to be kept out of sight because she’s too much of a dolt to be let out in public? And, frankly, I don’t think the McCain campaign would have done any better if they’d kept Moosewoman in a closet.

Frum continues,

She tells us she was a victim of sexism. She tells us she was a victim of class prejudice. She complains about her media treatment – then insists she never watched any of it. She deplores the unpleasant personal comments directed against herself, while offering up some equally unpleasant personal comments of her own. She repeatedly shades the truth in order to escape blame for her own mistakes. (She won’t for example let go of our claim that there was some insult to Alaska embedded in Katie Couric’s simple question: “What do you read?”)

Frum says Palin needs to learn to let go of her grievances if she’s going to be a viable presidential candidate in the future. But Frum misunderstands his own people. Righties love her because she embodies grievance, because she gives voice to their Inner Victim. If she ever started to sound unselfish and mature, her fans would lose interest.

8 thoughts on “Bleatings

  1. I was about to argue that they liked Palin at the moment of her selection before she ever opened her mouth to give voice to her victimhood (which started at the very moment that she first opened her mouth). But then it occurred to me that they liked her simply because, by agreeing to run on the ticket, she strongly self-identified with the victim party. No statement required.

    Calling the “liberal media” unfair and unbalanced has worked for them so well for so long, I’m not surprised they’re still shouting at the moon. I just hope the MSM grows a pair, and soon, so we can get all this whining off the air. It’s getting very tiresome.

  2. Sarah Palin: the complete idiot’s complete idiot.

    There are a few people whose thought processes are so bizarre, you remember distinctly the first time you ever read or heard them. I first heard of David Frum when he was allowed to deliver a screed in support of deadbeat dads– yes, I am serious– on NPR. I remember him listing off the burdensome daily expenses of A Man in This Woman’s World, and when he came to “dry cleaning,” I started laughing hysterically. For a while after, I wondered if he wasn’t being satirical (presaging Stephen Colbert by several years). Then I began to read some of his other tiresome screeds in defense of the indefensible, and realized that David Frum has no sense of satire. When it comes to his opinion of SP– pot, meet kettle.

  3. Am I a bad person because the thought that two of my least favorite people, Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin, are at odds with each other fills me with joy. Is this schadenfreude? Should I enjoy it, or would that be immature?

    Frum writing things that make sense to me does seriously disturb me, though. Have I gone insane? Or has he been kidnapped by aliens, and replaced with a sane imposter?

  4. So it were up to Frum, what would have solved the whole problem is Palin should have given NO interviews…? I forget how many HUNDREDS of appearances Biden made, and Palin already didn’t give out many interviews to begin with. I even recall seeing one FAUX news interview that didn’t fly so well.

    Sorry, Mr. Frum, but I think the general idea in a democracy is that you get to know who your candidates are before you vote for them. You know, transparency and all that!

  5. Is this the right’s efforts at throwing Sarah the P under the bus. If she is still around in good standing in two years she will make a run for the WH on her own. She has enough support from the wingnutterie Religious Right to win primaries. It would make it a very difficult problem for the Reps, again facing their problem of having invited the RR to Thanksgiving dinner, and they’re wanting to stay on for Christmas.

  6. Saint Torum is also a darling of the Religious Right as well, bringing some street cred to the attacks with them.

  7. Well first off old rick ought to know that kind of honesty will get your GOP card revoked, much less what may happen to him for being honest about someone in his own party…He should try his wing- nuttiest not to slip up like that again….

    And as for Sarah: gw with boobs…you just know someplace Karl Rove is licking his lips…ready to direct mail her further into the hearts of the already a quiver while re- packaging her to be more palatable to consumers and shoring up $upport from the well to do wannabes… if he can sell us snake oil george TWICE he could sell her at least once…he’s gotta be thinking that…Don’t believe a personality like his could ever slither back under from where ever he came from(gw would say a turd)..He won’t be able to live without the power he believed he once had.
    Recall how when bush ran for the first time he got tripped up with the question ” Who is the leader of Pakistan?” ..righties were quick to come to his defense saying “Who cares who the leader is?” or “it isn’t something that he needs to know…Pakistan has never mattered”….well DUH,,, it turns out it DID matter to have a Presidential candidate that knew about the region …How many times did that just happen to come up???Hey isn’t that were some think bin laden is hiding??? Maybe he should have know pervez musharaf’s name at least instead of ” Uh , general”…Ya think that might have made this whole tracking bin laden down thing a bit easier if he understood world affairs and the names of leaders who he would be dealing with?..And speaking of bin laden…I am willing to bet he has never been “found” because the American people would have taken the blank check back to do anything he pleased.

    I would hope the American people are smart enough not to fall for another bush type anytime soon…however I fear being responsible is going to be hard for people after 8 years of bush accounting 101…and even though it is good for us, like eating their veggies.. they may vote for junk food again. People are not going to like the reality that we are going to be getting more bad news when we get the bills gw has ran up and not paid on… they will be looking for anyone who tells them that they don’t think we should have to pay them…enter silly sarah.

  8. I was reading a novel last night and came across this statement about one of the characters: “…she clings to her ignorance like a badge of accomplishment.” SP and her ilk in a nutshell.

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