Blogroll Amnesty Day

Skippy has declared Blogroll Amnesty Day, so here we are. My blogroll is still scrambled, because we are in kind of upgrade bardo at the moment, but I can still add stuff and hope it straightens out eventuality.

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty, please nominate blogs you know of that are cool and hip that you think I should blogroll, and I will check them out. My own new addition is named Byzigenous Buddhapalian.

12 thoughts on “Blogroll Amnesty Day

  1. Maha, I am profoundly honored. I have enjoyed and admired your work here for a few years. For any newcomers to my site, it is a blend of politics, spirituality, silliness, and personal sharing. (I rant a lot too.) I am blown away to be included here.

  2. Maha, I love your blog roll, it contains almost all the blogs I read on a regular basis and your blog is, thus, the blog I use as a “home page” when I’m on a strange computer while traveling. The only political blog I read regularly that isn’t on your roll is John Cole’s Balloon Juice” and I understand why it’s not. He’s probably the most conservative blogger I read, but he is intelligent and worth considering.

    I also read a fair number of economics blogs, which are not rolled anywhere, but that’s hardly your subject (and you have Krugman). It is interesting to me that econ blogs do not generally have a blog roll. Each is an empire to itself with very rare reference to another in complete contrast to political and feminist blogs where bloggers riff off each other constantly.

  3. How about Margaret and Helen?

    Some people are born hip, some achieve hipness and some have hipness thrust upon them.

  4. My only advice would be to advocate for less is more. A encyclopedic bloglist is just too much to read through, slows page loads slightly, and is an even greater pain to maintain – there is presently a lot of deadwood on your list. When there’s a large portion of deadwood – either links that don’t work or which lead to blogs that haven’t been updated in months – it tends to make me not explore the bloglist at all.

    I like the approach Markos took on DKos, of pruning that bloglist way back – often to howls of protest. If you’re going to have a bloglist, I’d say there’s a responsibility to maintain it, which should temper how big of a list you decide to keep.

    OTOH, I like the way Bill Sher did his bloglist at Liberal Oasis – there’s a lot of entries, but they’re all nicely categorized, and useable.

  5. “I like the approach Markos took on DKos, of pruning that bloglist way back – often to howls of protest.”

    This was the original purpose of Atrios’ blogroll amnesty day (who I believe invented it). “I get to kill off blog links and not feel guilty.”

    The amnesty is for the BLOGGER.

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