Why the Site Looks Different

You may notice the site looks a tad different today. This is a temporary thing, I think.

My crack technical support team (my daughter, Erin) is scheduled to install a new theme template tomorrow, which will enable me to do some new things with the site. But this morning I did an automatic upgrade of WordPress and it somehow changed the whole site. So it will look like this for the next few hours, and then it will look some other way.

I hope this is clear.

34 thoughts on “Why the Site Looks Different

  1. Aaaaah! I thought I’d wandered into the Allstate report-a-claim website by mistake!

    (Let’s see if it’ll make a smiley.)

    Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with the place.

  2. Changing a blog’s template can sometimes be an emotionally trying experience. It’s a bit like re-arranging all the furniture in the house. Why is the sofa in the kitchen?

    Here’s hoping you get through it smoothly. I have faith in your crack tech team.

  3. Yikes! Change is so scary. Good luck with the changes, Maha. Many thanks for all you do.

    peace and love –

  4. My irrational fear of glitches like this is the reason I still have the same template I settled on shortly after the death of Gutenberg, or whenever the hell it was I started blogging.

  5. My little picture is cute! I did wonder about that tape on my mouth though…. it isn’t a stfu sign, is it MaHa?

  6. Reading the version at 9:30 Pacific time and while it’s not as distinctive as your old template, it’s so much clearer and easier to read.

  7. I actually like it, realizing it’s just temporary. Yes every comment has a stupid icon. And yes the calendar is weird because its week doesn’t begin on Sunday. And comment text should not be bold. But I like clean quiet look, and this little misadventure is a nice approximation.

  8. Ah, impermanence, a step towards enlightenment. I don’t care what it looks like as long as you and the gang do the do.

  9. I hope many Maha-readers are watching Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on C-span today at 1:25 because he has called out the Republicans on their revsionist history of the New Deal that now blames it for the Depression! Grassley just told his tale and got his tail kicked! I also wanted to comment so I could see what my icon would look like. I just knew there was a higher purpose for the intertubes.

  10. Yes, perfectly clear, Maha. Like running water. Croak of bullfrog. Slap and rustle of sails.

    Okay, I gotta go see what my picture looks like!

  11. Why, indeed! Perhaps WordPress is divining our secret souls….

    btw, I have a couple Pepto tablets right here for comparison (don’t ask)… actually, nowadays, they’re round.

  12. Jesus, that thing’s precient. I’m bald with a somewhat round face – sadly, I actually bear some resemblance to the icon!

  13. So if you want to change your little picture, go to gravatar.com and upload something new. I decided I didn’t want to be a green triangle.

  14. YEEEESSS!!! At long last, Pinky, my plan for global-avatar domination has worked! Take THAT, grumpy pink triangle!

  15. A philosophical question: Will anyone take my comments seriously if they’re coming from a 6-sided cartoon head with it’s tongue hanging out?

    Deeper philosophical question: Will anyone take my comments seriously if they’re not coming from a 6-sided cartoon head with it’s tongue hanging out?

    Dangerous ground. 🙂

  16. Dave S — Sorry about the pink triangle. I have no control over the silly pictures. At least you don’t look like a Pepto Bismol tablet like poor biggerbox.

    31 comments? We should be silly more often!

  17. Oh, I like the way the old site handled text, the quotes were already italicized.

    I cut and paste political news stories and I sometimes save Maha’s stories. It was so quick to save with the quotes already italicized. Please don’t convert Maha’s site into one like I describe below:

    One by one my favorite blogs have been ‘updating’ a perfectly good design for no reason and they all, every one, have switched to a font that doesn’t even have an italics version. So none of their quotes are italicized and I can’t just italicize them, I have to select the text and then change the font and then italicize it. So what used to be a great website turned into an irritating website.

    Please use a font that has an italics version and please italicize quotes. Thank you.

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