You Asked for It, You Got It

Serif text. Now if I can get the comment preview to work, I hope you all will be happy!

Update: Well, sometimes it is serif, and sometimes it isn’t. I’m confused.

13 thoughts on “You Asked for It, You Got It

  1. To my eyes, it’s better. My comment text is still small Arial, but I see my new gravatar is in place. Lose some, win some.

  2. I actually don’t like serif fonts, but no matter – Firefox lets you choose your own. Simple go:

    Edit –> Preferences –> Content, click “Advanced…” tab, then for “Proportional fonts,” choose either “Serif” or “Sans-serif”, choose your “Minimum font size” and unclick the box that says “Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above” and click “okay.” Easy.

  3. Hey, nice! Looks good.

    I have a request. Could the quotes be italicized again?

    Thanks for listening…

  4. Forget I said anything. The colored background of the quotes does a fine job setting it off from the rest of the text, so I am fine.

    I really like this new look!

  5. maha,
    Thanks for the new Serif in town. 🙂

    I’ve been begging this from you for years. Now, the only bad thing is, I can’t blame anyone or anything for my mistakes… Should a thunk a dat b 4…

  6. Huh, the new Serif didn’t help me at all on my last sentence.
    Now we need spelling and grammar check.

    Seriously, though maha, thanks!

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