I Bet They Have Secret Handshakes, Too

Lest you think this is an exaggeration,

Four Tennessee state representatives, all Republicans, have signed up to be plaintiffs in a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, aimed at forcing him to prove he is a United States citizen by coughing up his birth certificate.

After the November elections, the rightie blogosphere smugly declared that, yeah, maybe they lost, but at least they weren’t going to get crazy like loony liberals and their Bush Derangement Syndrome. So all this weekend the righties were in a state of hysterical meltdown because President Obama chose to return a bust of Winston Churchill on loan from Britain.

Update: This is, of course, not the least bit deranged.

19 thoughts on “I Bet They Have Secret Handshakes, Too

  1. So maybe we should ask every Republican to produce their original birth certificate. I know all I have is a certified photocopy from NYC’s registry agency. And I mean photocopy in the original technology — it’s a photographic copy with a raised seal. To my knowledge no gets the government-made registration document. It feels like this issue will never die; they are determined to use it to make President Obama’s election illegimate in any way they can.

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  3. I think the purple tie is some sort of code. I’m not sure if it has a sexual significance for a select few of the tribe, or is supposed to serve as a station or rank. In any event… I like Boehner’s hair doo.. Heavy on the Brylcreem, it kinda brings back memories of the rockin’ fifties.

  4. I discuss this here, including a challenge that applies to this site as well: tinyurl.com/bbtvqw

    Rather than simply linking to something someone else wrote and than adding snark, how about trying some real reporting? Pick up the phone, call Hawaii, and ask them the questions at that link. Then – no matter what they say – print their response.

    This site is making assumptions that Hawaii will not confirm.

  5. Rather than simply linking to something someone else wrote and than adding snark, how about trying some real reporting?

    How about paying me for my time, then?

    Pick up the phone, call Hawaii, and ask them the questions at that link. Then – no matter what they say – print their response.

    The state of Hawaii has already said, unequivocally, that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. It’s even on the bleeping Snopes site. How many more times do you want it asked? A hundred? A thousand? How much time do you want to waste?

  6. Come on. They don’t care about the birth certificate. They don’t care about William Aires or Reverend Wright. They didn’t care about White Water or Vince Foster or Monica Lewinski, for that matter. All they care about is whether some “issue” gives them a “reason” to attack a “liberal.” They’re going to attack for good reasons, bad reasons, any reason, because that’s all they know how to do. It’s pathetic.

  7. This is pretty sad. Here’s a direct link to the PDF file with the statement from HI. They don’t say where he was born. They only say he has a valid cert on file. Due to a HI state law – on the books since 1982 and the application of which is retroactive – those born outside HI can get valid HI certs. Therefore, saying he has a valid cert on file means little.

    If you aren’t enough of a pseudo-reporter to even pick up the phone, at least stop spreading disinfo.

  8. Someone,
    OMG! Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii!?! But, then again, McCain was born in Panama. That makes the 2008 election a fraud – like 2000!

    You might want to change the icon that the maha icon goddess gave you. It’a cog, or a gear, in a machine – with one eye closed.
    Either open the one, or close the other…

  9. Their “secret handshake” is to remove fingers from noses and flick at one another.

    The thing the dipshits don’t mention is that this conspiracy had to be in the works since before 1995, when Obama’s book Dreams From My Father first was published.

  10. Clearly, the Obama birth conspiracy nuts have become the Truthers of the Right. “Someone” links to an official Hawaii state document that certifies his complete and legal birth certificate is on file, and the “birther” says it doesn’t say what it says. This is what we call “crazy.”

    Someone, I don’t allow Truthers to post here either. So don’t take it personally that I’m banning you. And seek professional help.

  11. I believe neither McCain nor Obama are by the letter US citizens. The Governor of Hawaii sealed up Obama’s records and so we’ll never know until this changes. Someone upstream pointed out McCain was born in Panama. There are cases coming before the Supreme Court to try and sort out both situations. It doesn’t matter to me, but it’s clear that this is far from an open and shut story. I would bet that the Supremes find a way to sweep it under the rug.

  12. Moonbat — I don’t think it would be a stretch for the courts to decide that a child born to a U.S. citizen within U.S. territory or in an embassy or U.S. military installation is a citizen. Nor do I think it will shut the “birthers” up if they were to do so.

  13. What would happen if Obama was found to be born outside of the US, all territories and not to US citizens? Doesn’t Biden become POTUS? Or do we hold new elections (I doubt it)?

  14. Jenifer – You mean that’s not your picture? Actually, go to gravatar.com & there are directions. You can download & crop any picture you want.

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