6 thoughts on “Reassurance on Iraq

  1. I can understand the difficulty and complexity that Obama is faced with in trying to extricate us from Bush’s Iraqi fiasco…But leaving behind a force( by whatever name you call it) of 50,000 troops seems to me that we will still be in Iraq. Those troops remaining could possibly be viewed by some as the “permanent presence” that the neocons envisioned in there project for the new American century.

    At this point who really cares?… Bush’s Iraqi adventure was a lose from day one, and nothing is going to change that truth. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

  2. I agree with Swami. The occupation was a quagmire from Day 1, and those of us who knew it– including Barack Obama– argued strenuously against the invasion for that very reason. Obama’s been handed a very sticky mess made by other people. I just hope he realizes that the U.S. cannot afford, and has no business undertaking, a permanent presence in Iraq.

  3. Those who felt he promised a ‘swift’ withdrawal are forgetting that he used the word ‘responsible’. He’s promising 2011 for all, and that’s something we hold him to. The 50,000 seems designated as a passive force that can become active if needs arise. It’s a rational stepdown, to me – regardless of what you think of the invasion (and I’ve always been against it) we are now fostering the growth of a new government, such as it is. The concept of ‘good enough mothering’ might be appropriate here.

  4. All I can say is that being out in 30 months is a vast improvement over staying in Iraq for a 100 years as McCain said at one point.

    One real concern I have, however, is what is going to happen to the paramilitary contractors? Is that principle still alive or is it dead? And who controls them? Not just in Iraq but elsewhere?

  5. One real concern I have, however, is what is going to happen to the paramilitary contractors? Is that principle still alive or is it dead?

    Eric Prince resigned as CEO of Xe…I think that’s a good indication that the Iraqi teat has run dry for paramilitary contractors, although they’ll have till 2011 to be fully weaned. And I think the concept of farming out military responsibilities to corporate gluttons so they could feast at the public trough ended with the Bush administration. Hopefully never to return again.

  6. Sorry folks,
    There ain’t no fixin’ Eye Rak or Afghanistan.I don’t care if Juan Cole or Jesus or Siddartha wrote it, the bus is in a ditch, trying to fix it is like ripping the scab off a wound every morning and expecting the thing to heal.
    Want to heal the rift with the Muslim world?
    Get all those nice ladies and gentlemen together, from Laurie Mlyroie to Dick Vader, hold a very public war crime trial, then HANG them all in front of the Lincoln Mermorial.They are among the most deranged psychopaths on the planet, to allow them to roam freely is beyond rediculous.
    Sorry to seem so crass, but do not loose sight of the scope of what those people have done; they have destroyed two countries, killed around a million civilians, caused the out right deaths of over 5,000 of our soldiers, and dumped around a TRILLION dollars down the toilet

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