8 thoughts on “Blessinz of teh Ceiling Cat

  1. Sheep-doodz n Angels

    Then there wuz sheep-doods in teh field, an they wuz watchin teh sheep in teh dark. Iz vry vry boring. srsly. An suddenly, visible angel! An glory! O noez!! But teh angel sed, “DONT AFRAID OF ENYTHING! it r ok, you can has gud news for all teh doodz! Todai in da city ov David, you can has sayvur! is Christ da Lord! w00t! Iz sign fer u, find da baybee wrapd like brrito in a big fud dish.” An suddenly, moar angelz! They sez, “w00t to teh Ceiling Cat! An peace fer doodz he luffs! Kthxbai.”

    That is so going on my Christmas cards this year.

    I wonder if Gary Larson realizes what he hath wrought, with that cartoon of the dog luring the cat into the dryer with a sign that said: “CAT FUD [arrow]”?

  2. To joanr16:
    Gud ceiling cat! There are many laughs to be had in the GOP. I must join immediately. Do they let people with ACLU cards apply?

  3. Srsly gud stufs, just sended to my momcat. Honrs yer momcat an dadcat al ov yer dai, dat Ceiling Cat’s blesinks mai be on yu. Dat’s 1 of teh commandments, i forgotted wich 1.

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