8 thoughts on “Answer: Sheep and Time on Their Hands

  1. Thank you, Karnak! (wow, am I old!) BTW, my favorite Karnak:

    A: Sis Boom Bah!

    Q: What sound does an exploding sheep make?

    Amazingly, it even happens to be on-topic 🙂

  2. off-topic (and probably more appropriate to About.com)… I have a friend who is in Nepal for two weeks, as a contractor “observing progress toward democracy.” She asked me if I wanted anything and I said, lightly, “one of the white scarves (katag) if you receive more than one.” She said she’d look for one. Tell me I have not lead her into trouble?

    After she left, I got into reading about Nepalese and then Tibetan Buddhism on the net. I am in love with the concept of (and many examples of) thankas! I wish I had known, I’d have asked her to look for a “wheel of life” thanka.

    Further searching leads me to the question, are Mahavidyas primarily Buddhist or Hindu?

  3. Completely stunning. I don’t think I’ve seen anything so good since Helen Thomas stalked Steven Colbert.

  4. Adequate warning would have been appreciated; I laughed so hard I wet my pants a little.

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