5 thoughts on “Bob Dylan

  1. Ye gods, you scared me! For a second I thought maybe Dylan had died.

    His reaction to Dreams From My Father was similar to mine; i.e.: “Holy flurking shnit, I can’t believe we elected this guy president! That is so cool!”

    My favorite part of that interview is about the ghosts of the American South, though:

    BD: It must be the Southern air. It’s filled with rambling ghosts and disturbed spirits. They’re all screaming and forlorning. It’s like they are caught in some weird web – some purgatory between heaven and hell and they can’t rest. They can’t live, and they can’t die. It’s like they were cut off in their prime, wanting to tell somebody something. It’s all over the place. There are war fields everywhere … a lot of times even in people’s backyards.

    Our unofficial philosopher-poet laureate. I hope lives to be 100.

  2. Video was “unavailable” but I’ll take the opportunity to quote Bill Mauldin who years ago when times were halcyon compared to now, “We must peel back the veneer of hypocrisy and deception, stick pins in pompous windbags, puncture inflated egos, comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, in a word carry on the fight for the litte guy against greedy and vested interests, bigots and fakers, potential Caesars and mis-guided do-gooders.”

  3. Always The Times Are A Changing and Bobby D always has an interesting and relevant story to tell

  4. Zimmerman wrote great songs, but did not seem to share the political idealism
    as his followers. He sure cashed in on thoses ideals.

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