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I don’t have time to comment, but I want to be sure y’all see these — first, read about Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) who allegedly got caught by an NSA wiretap working out a quid pro quo with a “suspected Israeli agent.” As Josh Marshall says, the allegations against Rep. Harman are extremely serious. But one also must ask why member of Congress was being wiretapped by the NSA.

There are a number of follow-up stories at TPM, so just go there for the latest.

Second, remember Scott Beauchamp, the Army Private who wrote about soldiers behaving badly for the New Republic? And how the Right formed a firing line to call Beauchamp a liar? Well, one of the chief witnesses against Beauchamp, Master Sergeant John Hatley, was just convicted by a military jury in Germany of executing four handcuffed, blindfolded Iraqi men by shooting them in the backs of their heads.

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  1. Harmon was not being “wiretapped.” The Israeli agent was, and there was a FISA warrant. She got caught up in it.

    Too be clear, though, what Gonzales did was despicable and wrong in blowing off any investigation and possible prosecution with what was essentially blackmail of Harmon to get her co-operation. That is not politics, that is criminal.

  2. I’m a little rusty with my Latin, but doesn’t quid pro quo mean: business as usual ?

  3. Swami – it means “tit for tat”, could be translated to business as usual.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what this does to Jane Harman. Her district includes some major defense contractors as well as some of the liberal west side of Los Angeles. She faced a stronly progressive candidate in 2008, Marcy Winograd; Harmon received 2/3 of the primary vote to Winograd’s 1/3. I’d like to see a rematch.

    As for Alberto Gonzales, is anyone surprised?

    As for AIPAC – I’m waiting for 1) a critical mass of Americans tired of the tail wagging the dog, and 2) public financing of elections, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Jane Harman allegedly traded favors with a foreign agent – that’s bad. Jane Harman appears to then have allowed herself to be blackmailed with regard to that transaction – that’s also bad. Jane should resign at a minimum. She apparently has no scruples, and is a security risk.

    I want to express outrage over Gonzo doing the blackmailing, but I can’t be outraged at this point. Like moonbat, I’m just not surprised. This is fairly pedestrian stuff, compared to the other crimes committed or abetted by Gonzo. If we were to try him for his crimes in priority order, this one would be toward the bottom of that list. Imagine that – the AG blackmailing a MOC for political gain is toward the bottom of the list of his crimes. What a world.

  5. If trading favors with a foreign agent (israeli) is grounds for resignation, it’s bye-bye congress……

  6. The sources I read yesterday suggested, but did not state outright, blackmail. Last night, Rachel Maddow suggested that Harmon was already a supporter and Gonzo killed the investigation so they’d keep an ally MOC in place.

    Not so clear-cut as I’d thought, but still a real mess.

  7. “If trading favors with a foreign agent (israeli) is grounds for resignation, it’s bye-bye congress……”

    Yup. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? 🙂

  8. This sounds worse, or at least as bad as the whole Valarie Plame exposure. A congress-critter caught red-handed in espinoge for BLOODYISAREL. I want Harmon out, NOW!

    This is why we will never see prosecutions of the BUSHCRIMEFAMILY. Enough of kowtowing to BLOODYISRAEL!!

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