8 thoughts on “Justice Souter Retiring

  1. Far be it from me – a confirmed lazy bastard of the highest order – to criticize someone else for retiring, but… Souter? Dude, you’re 69. That’s middle-aged for a SC justice.

  2. Toast, I see your point, but the poor man’s had to deal with Scalia and Thomas all these years. He doesn’t seem the type to suffer fascists or fools gladly. I wish him well.

  3. Having read a bit more about his discomfort with DC, I guess I can sympathize. And yeah, Scalia, Thomas and Alito seem like they’d be the Co-workers From Hell.

  4. I sure hope Obama doesn’t get all bi-partisany on this, and appoint someone who will meet the approval of the Rumpublican party.

    We need a strongly liberal (and young and healthy) counterbalance to Scalia, Roberts and Alito. And Clarence Thomas of course. Why do I always forget about him?

    Oh that’s right, because he’s so forgettable.

  5. I knew Souter was relatively young, and so this announcement surprised me – I feared that possiblyhe wasn’t in the greatest of health.

  6. With less than 60% majority in the senate, I’m wondering if Obama will be able to get his nominee though the process. Expect the fetus people to be out in droves demanding that Chuck Norris should be the new Supreme Court Justice.

  7. I am doubting that the wave, or maybe ripple, of hysteria on the right that will be echoed by Fox will even register with most people. P.M. Carpenter at Buzzflash looks ahead as talking points fly and battle lines are drawn. Lucky for the 81% supporting Obama that the GOP has no ammo.

    Link: http://blog.buzzflash.com/carpenter/378

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