4 thoughts on “Profitable Lobbying

  1. repatriation of profits ? I hope they at least had some sort of ceremony. A flag raising with the Star Spangled Banner playing in conjunction seems fitting.

  2. Didn’t McCain/Feingold have something to do with campaign finance? I continue to wonder just exactly what.

  3. You’re a coalition of multinational corporations. Imagine this deal: Invest $1 in lobbying. Get a return on investment of $220. Save $100 billion on taxes, too. Nice, eh?

    That’s the conclusion of three University of Kansas professors who undertook an empirical analysis of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 to study rates of return for money spent on lobbying, reported The Washington Post in an April 12 story by Dan Eggen.

    So I guess K.U. is good for something, right? (Said Joan the Jayhawk aunt!)


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