Greg Sargent:

The White House has decided to declassify and release a classified 2004 CIA report about the torture program that is reported to have found no proof that torture foiled any terror plots on American soil — directly contradicting Cheney’s claims. The paper cites “allies” of the White House as a source.

Dem Congressional staffers tell me this report is the “holy grail,” because it is expected to detail torture in unprecedented detail and to cast doubt on the claim that torture works — and its release will almost certainly trigger howls of protest from conservatives.

Of course, anything the Obama Administration does triggers howls of protest from conservatives. Nor do I think release of such a document would cause Dick Cheney to go away, because I think Dick slipped his tether to reality some time back.

5 thoughts on “Tortured

  1. Can they do anything but howl anymore?
    They can’t use reason – it works against them every time.

    BTW – A couple of more appearances and Cheney will beat Gore’s record after he lost (won) in 2000. Don’t you remember? Gore was on all of the channels for months, criticizing the Bush Adminstration an the Supreme Court decision.*

    *That’s sarcasm, in case some righties are here and mistake that for reality.

  2. Seems to me Cheney slipped a wicket a long time ago. A few years ago he ‘justified’ the administrations interrogation methods with, “Sometimes you (we) have to work the dark side,” whereas now he’s saying that no interrogation methods used on prisoners at (Gitmo) would qualify as torture. Juxtapose those two statements and, at least I, get schizophrenia, a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

    And I repeat, you can’ prove why something didn’t happen if it didn’t happen so the release of reports supporting Cheney’s claim is valid as regards terrorist attacks or which invalidate it is finally a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  3. Oh, what I’d give to be a fly on the wall in the (real-life) West Wing. What would they do with Cheney, if they could? Surely many participants in the new administration would love to see a few famous faces behind bars, starting with the Dick…. Or do they think releasing the memos is enough?

    I certainly don’t think it’s enough. We’re being led to believe that the administration will let bygones be bygones. But I doubt the MSM comes even close to revealing what’s really being discussed in the halls of the West Wing. One by one, these memos are released, and it could be argued that they methodically establish a case for prosecution. Hmmm. How I’d love to know!

  4. Dick is out there pushing hard for distraction. He knows that the best defense is a strong offense, and that he’s gotta get out there early to confuse the issue if he’s going to keep the hounds off his trail. It seems that the exculpatory evidence of tortures efficacy that old Dickey was eager to have paraded before the public just didn’t show up for the parade. I pray that he gets prosecuted.

  5. Authoritarians like Cheney really believe that they create reality, for the rest of us to believe in.

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