The Drama Queen Exits, Stage Right

melodrama2Speculative reasons why Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska:

Mark Halperin has ten possible reasons she might have resigned, most of them focusing on a possible presidential bid.

Brad Friedman thinks some major scandal might be about to break that could involve indictments.

Update: Once again, some things snark themselves.

27 thoughts on “The Drama Queen Exits, Stage Right

  1. “Whatever she’s being investigated for is about to hit the fan”

    That would be my quess. I tried to watch her newser on youtube, its unwatchable to me, she just rambles on I can’t make heads or tails of what she speaks? I’ll never understand what the wing-nuts see in her, but then again I always thought Reagan was a moron! What do I know?

  2. I know that love sees no wrong…but none of the possibilities presented for resigning the Governorship adds up except as a preemptive move to minimize some shit coming down the pike. My suspicion is that Todd will be caught with his finger in the pie because he seems to have a fondness for dabbling in Gubernatorial power and connections.

    No matter how or what comes down as a result of Sarah packing it in, you can be sure that Sarah will land on her feet

  3. Uncledad, I watched that newser 3 times (yeah, I’m a glutton for punishmehnt), and I agree, it made no sense. Clearly, no speech writers were involved; she offered no solid, concrete reasons for what appears to be a hasty and abrupt decision; and she blindsided the GOP establishment (which, I believe, is an unforgivable offense). I smell panic and blood in the water.

  4. Well, she seemed awfully nervous; she was virtually incoherent, almost as if she were being forced to make that speech, on the spur of the moment.

  5. …I took the day off and went out with Mrs. Jack K. and the second-born to crawl through a nightmare of streamside blowdown lodgepole pine to not catch fish (we call this “fishing” in my household) and came home to hear this strange news this afternoon. I had the opportunity to see the entire announcement on tape, and I have to say that – aside from a newly appreciative sense of awe for her absolute failure to speak coherently – I have absolutely no idea what she might be thinking, and I suspect – having seen some of their responses – that none of the professional consultants and pundits have any idea either…

    Maybe it’s a preemptive strike against the shocking revelation that she is in fact Mark Sanford’s ‘Maria’. Maybe it’s all part of some sort of off-kilter plan to seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination by stepping outside that normal political box. Maybe there’s something else looming just beyond the horizon that would force her to resign in any case, or maybe somebody tipped her off to the fact that she could make a lot of money quickly by not being the Governor of Alaska anymore (which is another offhand way of saying that Swami hit the nail on the head)…

    Ya just can’t turn your back on pre-holiday news dumps anymore, apparently…

  6. she was virtually incoherent Yeah, I don’t think people should do news conferences after using speed. Makes ’em jumpy. But now maybe I understand why she thought she could see Russia from her front porch.

    Jane Hamsher sez, “It’s more like something you do because you cut a deal with a prosecutor.” I’d had the same thought.

  7. I’m with Lynne and Dave S.

    That press conference… holy mother of wow. Shortness of breath; rapid, rambling, incoherent speech; hyperactive, disjointed thinking…. I don’t half wonder if milady Sarah has been riding the “crystal” unicorn, if you know what I mean.

  8. I couldn’t get through the announcement, its a gag reflex thing.
    She says we need more Trigs in the world.Yeah, we all wish more people can be born with Down’s syndrome. Great idea.
    I can’t remember when I’ve seen a person wrapped in more narcissism.
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    My bet is she has been offered a show on FOX, and there is a book deal.Perhaps she’ll team up with Huckabee for the next run for the presidency.
    Ms Palin is perfect for the God, Guts, and Guns wing of the Republican party,and she has that far away Stepford look in her eve.
    “Riding the crystal unicorn” sounds a bit, er, provacative.
    What does that mean?

  9. Sweetness & Light (linked above) said: “That she could be hounded out of office, and possibly politics altogether, by a ravening mob marks another nail in the coffin for representative government in our country.”

    I thought the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth worked for their side? So they’re against this nonsense? I’m confused.

  10. Palin’s speech may offer clues to her intentions. She emphasized how much money has been ‘wasted’ on investigations. (Reconcile this frugality with the woman who spent $180K of GOP money on her wardrobe.) My guess is that she will declare a freeze on ethics investigations. Which suggests someone is digging too close to the grave.

    If she escapes, the other clue is her desire to ‘help’ regardless of party. My guess is that she wants to be a fund-raiser for GOP candidates in 2010 in the lower 48 to bolster her credibility within the GOP.

  11. “Riding the crystal unicorn” sounds a bit, er, provacative. What does that mean?

    In a word: methamphetamine.

  12. Assuming the sweetness-light article linked to at the last isn’t a parody site, I *am* disturbed by the screen capture of the HuffPo article. I don’t think taking cheap shots at Trig at all funny.

    Otherwise, yeah WTF? I think (hope?) the shit’s about to hit the fan big time. Break out the popcorn, this could be a good show.

  13. anon — I agree with you about the HuffPo article. I cringed when I saw it. It was extremely poor judgment for HuffPo to run that, I think, and HuffPo doesn’t have an excuse because (unlike, say, Daily Kos) people can’t publish their stuff directly on the HuffPo site without a staff person reading it first. With HuffPo, material is submitted to an editor.

    For the record, from time to time I’ve sent the HuffPo gatekeepers pieces of my work, and they’ve ignored me. I’ve yet to break into it, although everyone else on the planet seems to get published there.

  14. *tossing in my guess*
    What about… when her MIL was busted, she got the standard offer to give info and the courts would think of it when sentencing and the best stuff she could think of that she wanted to share was about her well known lipstick wearing …………………………
    DIL gov (you thought I was going to say something different, didn’t you!)

  15. “Riding the crystal unicorn” sounds a bit, er, provacative.
    What does that mean?

    Erinyes..I had the same thought. Maybe it would be similiar to a latex unicorn?

  16. Ensign, Sanford, Palin – If the wingnuts keep eliminating themselves, the Pugs might be reduced to running someone relatively sane and sensible in 2012. Damn! I was hoping for a lock on the next cycle so Dems wouldn’t have to be in permanent campaign mode.

  17. “I’ve yet to break into it, although everyone else on the planet seems to get published there.”

    My quess is because your writings are too much mahablog and not enough US weekly!

  18. “Riding the crystal unicorn”

    Yeah maybe she paid a visit to her would be son in law’s mother pre press conference!

  19. Isn’t it obvious? She quits just when the Michael Jackson investigation is heating up…

  20. “Riding the crystal unicorn”
    Swami, sounds like the title of a romance / fantasy novel.Has a nice ring to it.
    Good one Joan! Far better than the Michael Jackson jokes currently making the rounds.
    Use that as a title, Maha, and the Huffpo gatekeepers are sure to let you in.
    Now I’d better stop before Maha get’s annoyed.

  21. Well, at least according to what she said, listing in great detail all the good works she’s accomplished as governor of the state of Alaska she’s resigning to spare the state 18 more months of her good works as governor?

    There’s probably a wingnut out here who can sense out of what is obviously without any – afterall, they seem to do it on almost a daily basis.

  22. My guess: 1) the sh*t is about to hit the fan (someone like Palin doesn’t surrender power willingly), 2) the GOP big boyz leaned on her (made her an offer she could not refuse), and 3) she’ll be offered a slot on Fox on the condition that she tow the party line (not easy for such a self-aggrandizing loose cannon).

    “The crystal unicorn” = crystal meth = “Tina”. Good one, joanr16.

  23. TJ – I got it straight from a repugs mouth today, he wants Romney in three and a half years.

  24. S – That makes sense, I guess. He’s got the money, the family, the looks, the face time. He’s willing to grab his ankles for the new-cons. He doesn’t have the baggage that Gingrich has. But I suspect he’s not as bright as you need to be to play at that level. If he has to stretch beyond the “doctrine”, I’m not sure he’s got the tools. Still, he seems to be non-threatening and not batshit crazy. Throw him in the bag with Huckabee, Paul and Pawlenty and see which one Rushbo annoints.

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