Sarah Palin Is AWESOME!

Something is awesome, anyway. I don’t know which is more awesome; Palin or her True Believers. Truly, there’s a lot of awesomeness there to spread around.

That, and it’s a slow news day.

Let us think of more awesome things. The sinking of the Titanic must have been awesome, for example. Pickett’s Charge. The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. Great white sharks. Awesome.

12 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Is AWESOME!

  1. Others who dominated a news cycle or two in their time: Tim McVey. The Unibomber. John Wayne Gacey. Bin Laden dominated a few news cycles in 2001, as I recall. Lee Harvey Oswald. Sirhan Sirhan. Speaking of crazy people, Charles Manson dominated a number of consecutive news cycles. Dan White, who shot Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone then went on to create the Twinky defense. (I’m wondering whether Palin ate too many Twinkys before that resignation speech – was that a sugar buzz?) I could go on and on. You might say they were all “awesome” in their way.

  2. Do see the Sarah Palin mandala:

    I have watched the speech three times since I posted my original thoughts, and I still cannot understand a thing Sarah Palin was trying to say. I love it. It was like performance art. It makes you wonder.

    Please, Sarah. Please don’t disappear. You make me laugh. You make me laugh a lot. Things just wouldn’t be the same without you.

    I’d laugh too, if I didn’t find her so repulsive and dangerous.

  3. …I can’t help but think that, if Sarah Palin was hoping for one of those classic “Friday news dump” moments, she fell victim to the same sort of lack of political acumen that has characterized her whole national ‘star turn’ to date. In that light, other news items that would have demonstrated TRUE AWESOMENESS BY taking up the ENTIRE Memorandum Front Page (if it existed at the time) on a holiday Friday Afternoon:
    Hurricane Katrina (if you lived on the Gulf Coast, in particular New Orleans)
    Pearl Harbor – 7 Dec. 1941 (if you lived or served there on that day)
    Agincourt (if you were French)
    Trafalgar (ditto)….
    Gettysburg, PA on 3 July 1863 (if you are a True Son Of The South)

    There’s a whole lot of awesomeness out there if you tilt your head at just the right angle so you can see things in a frame that is only apparently ‘just right’ if you hold a certain political mindset. Apparently you need to be something of a wingnut to have the core skeletal flexibility to twist yourself around in that fashion…

  4. You ever seen pix of the Hindenburg? There’s awesome!

    @Dave S
    Twinkies! Of course. That explains everything.

  5. Ok lets assume the poop is NOT about to hit the fan for Sarah…who would hire this women in their right mind for the job of president of ANYTHING?? Do I have this right that she was what? Mayor for 2 years before QUITTING to run for governor and now she is quitting AGAIN because she wants to be president??? R U F’ING KIDDING ME HERE??? Assume we hired her to be president,,would she quit to take the job as self appointed queen of the world???Is she smoking crack? Are her followers??What is in that moosemeat?…

    Look, I don’t care who you are…her job actions, if nothing else, make her look flighty..she has career A.D.D I mean we are not talking about quitting at McDonalds to go work for the drive thru at Arbys for an extra quarter an hour… these are both jobs entrusted to her by voters and she screwed them and their will by quitting when she got bored with it./….OMG she is the female bush!!!!!!!!!

    Just one more thought… will she now file for unemployment? How does one pay the bills on a home like that and support all of those mouths and QUIT jobs in this economy???? While the rest of America struggles to keep their homes?? I guess the pay for her hubbys dog sledding gig must be OUTSTANDING! Perhaps I need to take up a new hobby- uh – profession in Dog sledding!

  6. I’m still trying to cast off that visual of Palin astride a crystal unicorn, brunette locks flowing in the breeze, ploar landscape in the backround, lips secured with duct tape……

  7. I have to say the most awesome thing in my memory was The Beatles. I was awed, weren’t you?

  8. You asked how she is going to pay the bills. The absolutely terrifying thing is that there exist citizens of the US who are willing to pay her $50,000 to give a talk. I personally would pay close to that to get her to shut up. But I guess that is freedom of speech, the good, the bad and the ugly. What is really appalling is that my fellow citizens’ civic education has failed them to the extent that they don’t know how to tell good from bad and ugly without relying on how it is packaged.

  9. Didn’t Britney Spears dominate the news cycle by shaving her head? And Michael Jackson dominated it by dying. I’m not suggesting Sarah Palin should die (but shaving her head would be cool). I’m just saying it would give her incredible press coverage.

  10. justme: This from Geoffrey Dunn on HuffPo: “Don’t forget that she resigned from her last statewide office — that as chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Sarah Palin is a quitter.”

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