If You Haven’t Seen This …

I know some of you have seen the Shatner-reads-Palin video, but for those who missed it, here it is.

Update: OK, I looked for one with Shatner wearing a black shirt, and found this.

8 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Seen This …

  1. Shatner has “reinvented “himself. I actually enjoyed his reading…..
    Beam me up, Scotty!

  2. Yes, and the book that she’s writing is in Beat style. It’s a travelogue, entitled, “‘On The Road’ – with my children. Campaigning with Kelp, Ovenmitt’s, Shoehorn and my youngest, Lamp (the light of my life).”

  3. This is the second one… NBC had the first one taken off YouTube but it can still be found on Hulu. (You can tell the difference by Shatner’s shirt, in the other one he’s in a blue or black shirt.)

    Yes, Shatner can build a new career as Palin’s Beat Poet interpreter. Very funny.

  4. If I were home, I’d provide the YouTube link to the first clip (Shatner in black shirt, reciting from the farewell speech), which is by far the funnier. There’s a clip via MSNBC that hasn’t been pulled down by the corporate greedheads.

    “…North– to the future!” omfg.

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