15 thoughts on “Why I’m Struggling Really, Really Hard Not to Wallow in Schadenfreude

  1. This is comedy that writes itself, some good laffs in hard times. I loved William Shatner’s performance art, and now this. Now we know – apart from the juicy book deal – why she stepped down. Sounds like she outgrew the First Dude, and like, it’s time to move on. Gotta admire those GOP family values, and the total hypocrites that espouse them.

  2. Granted everyone has flaws – myself included BUT

    Reconcile family values & integrity with:

    Underage daughter pregnant and now single mother. (abstainance?)

    Served 2 years of a 4-year term as Governor (Stablility? Reliability?)

    Divorce on the heels of reported infidelity (issues too long to list)

    I will bet money – this woman will run for president on a platform of INTEGRITY and I pray she wins the GOP nomination.

    Sarah Palin – the gift that keeps giving. Bring her ON!

    (Afterthought – Does this mean she’s available for dating, and if so how does she like old liberals? I’m married, but it doesn’t look like that would be a problem for her.)

  3. Sad to say, according to the latest news, it’s not true. Yet. Poor Todd. God only knows what kind of tool Sarah used on his balls to make him decide not to divorce her.

    – Badtux the Saddened Penguin

  4. Well, Pat Buchanan (and about a million other righties) are wet with anticipation now that Sarah may be back on the market.
    I feel a poem welling in my bosom;

    Fiery nymph of ice water mansions
    Thy ambition knows no bounds
    From polar bear to alpine meadow
    Let the eagle soar!
    To split the cohones from the tostones in this artic wonderland!
    Of moose and squirel, my heart is heavy
    On piper, on Bristol, on tray, on Trig, On Ruppert, on Limbaugh, On Hannitty, On Nixon! On to the great beyond, where St Ronald sits on his heavenly throne.
    Where we may bask in the persence of God……..

  5. moonbat, don’t know that there is any evidence to suggest palin has “grown”, even if you use “first dude” as a frame of reference.

    By all accounts, she’s as unstable as ever or more-so.

    The report seems to originate from a blog, the Alaska Report.

    Now they claim that, as of 3:51pm, Palin’s lawyer, Van Flein, has sent them a nasty letter which they will post as soon as they can clarify missing information. This should be good!

  6. Hell, even if these rumors aren’t true, I want people to continue claiming Palin’s going to divorce for months. Until there’s billboards asking “Where’s the wedding ring?” and a solid week of reports by Lou Dobbs, I will not be satisfied.

  7. Brian S – I want to see crazies all over the country (but oddly, overwhelmingly white southerners) endlessly hound the palins for a REAL copy of their marriage license.

  8. erinyes,
    Genious, I say!

    If it’s true, look for a Farah-like poster of Sarah to come out. It’ll hang on the wall of every rightie male (and some females) walls. And everyone of the macho boys at Red State will be moaning, “MILF, MILF, MILF, Juneau I love you…” as they try to erect their little igloo’s underneath the bedsheet’s.

  9. Oooops, too many walls in one of the sentences. Oh, well… All the better to hang another poster of Sarah.

  10. Fiery nymph of ice water mansions

    Oh, awesome. Weird, descriptive, and self-contradictory, that line gives us Sarah Palin in six words.

  11. Doug Hughes: you ask how to reconcile Republican behavior with family values despite all the hypocrisy. The answer is simple: hypocrisy _is_ a Republican family value.

  12. If this turns out to be true (don’t have TV so am far behind everyone else when it comes to certain kinds of news), it isn’t totally unexpected. It kind of crossed my mind when Palin gave that rambling speech. Or, frankly, just looking at Todd. Next step: she will become a Democrat. You read it here first.

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