Soylent Green Is People

Linda Moore of the Memphis Commercial Appeal describes a townhall meeting held by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis. I want to point out one of the comments:

Posted by Mmmm on August 8, 2009 at 2:21 p.m.

I attended and most of the people in that meeting were not residents of the Congressional District 9. I support Health Care Reform and I voted for Obama and Cohen to deliver results. Don’t be afraid, Mr. Cohen to vote the interest of your constituents.

Some of these people even came from Mississipi with little navy blue folders that had a Republican party emblem. The folder had instructions about what to ask and how to cause a disturbance. In 2009 we are still trying to overcome ignorance.

Some of the other commenters denied this was true. The article itself is the usual — mostly senior citizens terrified of what will happen when government takes over Medicare and terrified of euthanasia.

4 thoughts on “Soylent Green Is People

  1. How sad that we have become a country where we are unable to have rational, adult discussions about serious matters like education and health care. Instead, any attempt to communicate rationally turns into a food fight, with yelling, screaming, name-calling, etc.

    These conservative assholes are like little children who know they are wrong and have no rational argument so they stomp their feet, talk real loud and say, “I can’t hear you”. They make me ashamed to be an American.

  2. Someone with a cellphone camera might be able to resolve the mystery of interlopers reading from possible GOP “talking points.”

    And perhaps attendees should be required to give their home zip code before entering a town hall meeting? Even if they aren’t turned away, out-of-staters can be tallied by an aide and the numbers can be announced from the podium before the meeting concludes. “Perhaps you folks can tell me who your own member of Congress is? And why you’re here? And who suggested that you ought to attend this meeting outside your district?”

    Time to turn the questions on the interlopers.

  3. I am sure seniors are concerned about any change after the last admin put a “doughnut” in. What is that anyway? If you have enough money to live through the time when you pay for the medical stuff then you are worth saving and they will start kicking in some to help again too?

  4. I agree with the previous post. It is indeed time to let them each have their five minutes of fame. Tell them they can speak and take them to the podium, give them the microphone and tell them to ask their question. We will know if it is a republicant talking point or if they are just idiots rounded up by the party to harm others. If they have reasonable questions, have a copy of the bill on hand and/or make a copy for them to read. Show them what is really there if they can read.

    As far as those who are on medicare and afraid, sign up with AARP and do some myth busting.

    We have a long way to go this month and we need to all invest time and energy in letting our constituents know we are with them if they are for public health care for everyone.

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