Gotta Watch This Video

Amazing. At a conservative rally, local news stations were interviewing an Israeli man who was praising national health care in Israel. During his remarks, a woman yelled out, “Heil Hitler!”

The man stopped, became visibly upset, and exclaimed, “Did you hear this? She say to a Jew, ‘Heil Hitler’! Hear? I’m a Jew! You’re telling me, ‘Heil Hitler’? Shame of you!” After he angrily confronts her, the woman mocks him by making a crying sound to imply he is a whining baby.

Go watch the video.

19 thoughts on “Gotta Watch This Video

  1. I saw it earlier. Couldnt believe that really is true. IPeople against reform come across as racist or ill-informed(like the guy who has no health insurance but is against health reform) tools of the big corporations. In general these are the loonies who attend Tea Parties and everything against Obama; all incited by the wing nut media.

  2. Wow, just WOW!
    Her family must be So proud of her…

    Too bad Dante’s not around anymore. He’d create a new circle of Hell just for her.

  3. Someone on the comment thread at the video put it well: Compassionate Conservativism in action. What a freak show – clearly some twit with her head up her ass.

  4. I can’t watch while eating my dinner, which I’d like to keep down. But reportedly the “Heil Hitler” woman is taunting the Israeli man while she’s wearing an Israeli Defense Force T-shirt. Someone in that video is extremely mixed up, and I don’t think it’s the man with the endearing “Shame of you!”

    My new favorite catchphrase.

  5. Notice how the red neck national anthem is playing in the background. Ya gotta keep them uber patriots pumped up! After all… the tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of bleating heart liberals.

  6. He should have punched her!

    Not hardly..didn’t you notice Gunther moving in as the heavy just looking for an opportunity to bust somebody’s skull? Except for the dress and the music the scenario looked like something out of a Munich beer hall in 1923.

  7. I’d have a comment, but in trying to comprehend that the woman in the video both a)considers Obama to be a fascist dictator, and b) thought that, by complimenting the health care Israel gives to its veterans, the man was somehow ALSO being a fascist, to the point where she would say “Heil Hitler” to him, and then, after having deeply insulted a man who may, for all we know, lost family members to Hitler, she then mocked him when he complained of the insanity that is life without insurance, well… my brain crashed.

    It seems more and more that the Republican base is composed of selfish people who really, really, really just want to say F.U. to anyone who happens to be on the other side of whatever persecution fantasy they’re currently running in their weird internal cineplex. It really is all about the hate. The other must be attacked!

    It reminds me of the experiments they’ve done where they take an ant out of its colony and paint it with the pheromones of a different one. When reintroduced to its home colony, it is viciously attacked. That Israeli suggested that national health care could be a good thing, so he smelled wrong, and the mindless (but very bitchy) soldier ant had to attack!

    My latest fear is that two different gun nuts showing up at a Presidential event will get a whiff of each other, decide they have the wrong pheromones, and kill some innocent bystanders in the ensuing melee. Since so much of their hatred is now about weird shit going on in their own heads, it’s getting close to impossible to figure out what will set them off.

  8. The miserable person who presented herself as a critic of the Jewish gentleman exhibits behavior like that I sometimes used to observe among students whose social skills were deficient. That aside, she reminded me of the caller to an NPR show on health care today who felt we should all just take care of each other in family settings instead of having health care distributed nationally. Simple answers are always alluring, but they don’t often make effective responses to complex questions.

  9. “It reminds me of the experiments they’ve done where they take an ant out of its colony and paint it with the pheromones of a different one. When reintroduced to its home colony, it is viciously attacked. That Israeli suggested that national health care could be a good thing, so he smelled wrong, and the mindless (but very bitchy) soldier ant had to attack!”

    That is awesome. The funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  10. The previous commenter got it exactly right. I’ve seen some people commenting on the video, interpreting it to be an example of anti-semitism. But it’s not: it’s exemplifies anti-liberalism. The sort of anti-liberalism promoted by Malkin, Coulter, Hannity, Goldberg, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. which identifies “liberalism” as an Evil, alien force in America.

    The woman calling the man a follower of “Hitler” (i.e. Obama) for supporting public health care represents the successful upside-down revision of reality by Beck and Goldberg, decpicting liberalism as “fascism” despite the fact that actual fascism is explicitly anti-liberal. Hence, the clash of reality and anti-reality with the woman accusing an Israeli man of being a Hitler follower.

    Hell, Glenn Beck praises Nazi sympathist Henry Ford as being an anti-fascist oppoenent of the “liberal fascist” F.D.R. And he believes that unions members and public works programs and what not are “fascist” … despite the inconvenient historical fact that actual fascists in America during the New Deal were fiercely against the “Jew Deal” and, in at least one infamous incident, killed a member of the Works Progress Administration.,9171,756152,00.html

    In Detroit one evening last fortnight some 50 members of the Black Legion, wearing cheap black & white robes and hoods, held a solemn conclave. Present were two relatives of the wife of a 32-year-old WPA worker named Charles Poole. They reported that Charles Poole was a wife-beater. “Let’s beat him up!” “Let’s stripe him!” cried the Black Legionaries. Some, more bloodthirsty, screamed: “Let’s hang him!”

    The Legion’s “Colonel” Harvey Davis decided on hanging. Poole was lured to the meeting on the pretext that he was needed for a sandlot baseball team. The men piled into a string of automobiles with their victim, started out of town. At a spot near Dearborn, after a round of drinks, one Denton Dean discovered that there was no rope handy, abruptly shot five slugs into Charles Poole.

  11. Well that’s the rub isn’t it – Israel HAS a national health system!!

    The right has been comparing ANYONE who supports even just a public option, let alone an entire national health system where the government employs doctors, to NAZIS.

    In other words, the Right believes that Israel is full of Nazis. How are we letting them get away with this?

  12. Pamela Pilger. Looks to me like she’s related (at least intellectually) to the “Uh… he a uh-arab” lady. Claims to espouse biblical values. Jesus is weeping.

  13. digby covered this over at Hullabaloo, as well. I wonder if this mindless ditz also is aware that liberals were one of Hitler’s victims? She is a soulmate of Hitler, so it probably is appropriate for her to Heil her soulmate!

  14. Oh the irony………
    Israel has a national health care system courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, many of whom say we can’t afford it for ourselves.

  15. The Jewish guy is the embodiment of non-violent preaching in the NEW Testament. So much irony in one little clip. I have thought of myself as non-violent, not quite baby, I would have punched her. (let Gunther take me on, I am 64 year old lady who exercises daily, tho I may not look it.)

  16. I can’t even watch the video – the descriptions are bad enough. I think I’m on idiot overload. When that happens, I have to stop reading blogs/watching TDS for a week or so. It’s a good thing my vacation is coming up.

  17. I’m with you E.D. This is really ugly behavior. Who wants to even know there are people like this? I do think we all need to pay attention to it though. It really shows dangerous people and dangerous thinking.

  18. …and this is the kind of flames that conservative lawmakers are fanning in order to maintain some constituency, all the while maintaining a straight face and seeking plausible deniability. It’s way past time for sweeping these smarmy pols out of Washington… those who conduct business on behalf of the most powerful with a wink and a nod while feigning their disapproval of these monsters of their own creation and tacit approval.

    It is people like the one in this vid for whom “end of life counseling” aka “death panels” was stricken from healthcare bills in-the-making. These people’s votes can’t be won.

    I’m always interested to hear from those who have studied the history and observed burgeoning fascist movements. I gave my aging parents Chris Hedge’s American Fascists that in retrospect appears more precient with time. It was a very dark topic that they were unwilling and unable to deal with so they could not finish the book. I’m just hoping that their reaction does not foreshadow America’s collective reaction as these gun-toting disrupters of reasoned political discourse are further emboldened.

    Evidently anyone carrying a cross gets a free pass since, after all, they’re Christian. Evidently one’s right to free speech stops right before the pull of a hair trigger that would blow one’s brains out.

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