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  1. Wow, righties ARE dense. Denser than neutron star material! There was such density in that posting that it seemed like space/time imploded into a black hole, and suddenly, when I was reading about the new study on teen birth rates in conservative parts of the country, suddenly I was whisked back in time to the Court of Henry Tudor. What? Huh?

    I’m just glad I made it back to this timeframe intact. PHEW!

    Now I can go back to looking for someone who can explain to me why it was exactly that we gave up on having a health reform bill before the August recess if what it meant was we were going to get a bill from Baucus that could have been written by Chuck Grassley back in June. Though I have a feeling a place where that actually makes sense is another alternate dimension.

  2. If the Baucus bill is an indication of things to come, then we’d better just give it up now. I’m no mental heavy weight, but even I can see that Balk-us incorporated the existing animosity of life styles and prejudices we have toward one another into his bill. A guarantee for failure. Smokers should pay 1½ times more for insurance than the alkie, or the sugar glutton, or the fried foods junkie, or the lard bucket who doesn’t practice a regime of daily exercise? And there are a million other activities that could potentially be detrimental to good heath. My point being that once you target a certain behavior of life style you open up a floodgate of division, and failure will ensue.

    Abortion aside from what medicaid currently allows is another source of contention that Baucus pushes off to be settled by the co-ops…so now the co-ops will become the battle ground for issues that should be settled by a health bill. I see big problems down the road with that brainstorm.

  3. I sure wish the looney 25% could step back and regard the big picture.
    Glen Beck frightens them with issues from Mexicans taking their jobs and getting free health care, to Obama being a socialist. His followers are scared flag waving Christian wanna be Jihadists. The boogie men are ACORN, minorities living off welfare, socialists, communists, and the dreaded “Liberals”.
    From my vantage point, the thing to fear is cancer.
    Farrah, Teddy, Patrick, Henry Gibson. All these people taken by cancer recently.
    My brother, two uncles, one aunt, 10 close friends, all cancer victims.
    If these people were killed by “The Terrorists”, no one would leave the house.
    We are afraid of the wrong things, and wage war and spend money in the wrong battle.

  4. Egan’s article on workers was spot-on.
    The misinformed people at the teabagging events are fools and tools. More fools, though.
    They awaken from their slumber after 9 years of someone robbing them blind, and 30 years of the system being purposely gamed against them, and blame the new Mayor in their town. It’s his fault! Meanwhile, the old mayors and their pals have moved on, with the fools money safely tucked away. They laugh over old times, and reminisce at how easy it was to play the fools and seperate them from their money.
    A tool is a tool. It’s made to be used. And a fool is a fool because he doesn’t know when he’s being used.
    A teabag is a tool.
    A teabagger is a fool.

  5. erinyes,

    I have long wondered, re: cancer, how much all the additives that big corporate farming and the food processing industry, in general, use add to the epidemic of cancer. When I was a kid in the ’40s & ’50s, people died of auto related accidents or old age. Now all deaths seem to be cancer related. Most recently, Mary Tavers, R.I.P.

  6. I am so disappointed that there is no public option. When the healthcare debate started, my family (siblings and Mom) said No! They will just force single Mothers to pay for insurance when they can’t even afford food or heat…. I talked long and hard to try to get them to see the chance for healthcare for everyone…. and now.. it looks to me that the only change IS that struggling people will be forced to buy insurance.

  7. Chief, my Mom says they just changed the names. I think if she is right, they have always had cancer, they just called it by the symptoms it presented in the different areas. They had all kinds of names for fatal illnesses you don’t hear anymore. One was consumption. It is called TB now.

  8. Hmm… Robert Reich’s scenarios are very interesting. What if Olympia Snowe isn’t present for the vote (i.e., she’s neither “aye” nor “nay”)? If someone with the flu just happens to cough on her this weekend? Oops.

    I think the Baucus travesty has pushed me solidly into the “do it right, or don’t frakkin’ do it at all” camp.

  9. Chief, thanks for adding Mary Travers, I knew I forgot someone important.

    S., The people I mentioned do not (except for Henry Gibson and Teddy) qualify for the “old age” category. Most of my friends and family died in their late 50’s/ early 60’s. I would think “old age ” more like 80-90.
    I just read an article about the suspect GM crops, another reason to grow your own food. Cao……….

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