The War on Faux Nooz

Here’s the video of Faux Nooz clips shown on Countdown last night. I don’t have a transcript, but there’s a roundup of sorts at Media Matters.

There are those who don’t understand why the White House isn’t stoically putting up with whatever Faux dishes out. But Joan Walsh has a piece at Salon, a review of The Clinton Tapes by Taylor Branch, that clarifies things.

Joan isn’t writing about Faux, but about the rest of the media during the latter part of the Clinton Administration. She describes the “backdrop of childish media snickering” that enabled the “selection” of George W. Bush in 2000.

“The Clinton Tapes” makes clear that from start to finish, President Clinton was besieged by a vicious just-say-no GOP abetted by the perversely, inexplicably, cruelly anti-Clinton leaders of the so-called liberal media — from the New York Times’ lame crusades against Whitewater and Chinese donors and Wen Ho Lee, to the integrity-free “opinion” journalism by Maureen Dowd and, sadly, Frank Rich, to a whole host of other liberal media characters who couldn’t shake their feeling that Clinton was a fraud, a poseur, a hillbilly, a cynic. Their trashy eight-year oeuvre will likely go down in history as the most spectacularly malevolent and misguided White House coverage ever — and politically costly, since it also encompassed Vice President Al Gore and probably made George W. Bush president in 2000. …

… You find yourself wishing and hoping Branch could find some Washington pooh-bahs who’d realize they’d been played by the Republicans. Nope. None at all.

I think the White House is serving notice to the Media generally: Be serious. Stop acting like cliquey high schoolers. Stop enabling propaganda. Do your jobs.

8 thoughts on “The War on Faux Nooz

  1. right…and how does the WH press corps respond? by acting like clicquey high schoolers, spreading propaganda, being completely unserious about their jobs.

  2. “Be serious. Stop acting like cliquey high schoolers. Stop enabling propaganda. Do your jobs.”

    And the Media Response is going to be: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance!”

    Also, why is it so slow when I type comments? It seems everything appears several seconds behind when I type it.

  3. I agree with the rejection of Fox by the WH. The WH has has not tuned their message well enough. This is not an attempt to control the media – it’s a rejection of a network that’s the author of and conduit for LIES. They (the WH) need to have a list of LIES that can be documented, not as a matter of opinion, but blatent falsehoods – and they need to say that as part of a democracy with free-speech rights of their own, they are calling FOX out for deliberately deceiving their viewers for political motives.

    The WH should affirm that it is the responsabillity if a free press to hold government accountable – and they should police each other on the truth. Where those lies have NOT been exposed, as a matter of professional courtesy or whatever, it’s finally become nescessary for the WH to use the bully pulpit to call attention to the LIES. Please note I didn’t say ‘deception’ or ‘deliberate misinformation’ – LIES is a lot shorter – and straight to the heart of the matter – but you better be prepared to back it up. And that’s where the focus needs to be – LIES.

  4. How quickly these big rancid bullies turn into whimpering little children just by being called on their blatant foolishness. They go ballistic at the slightest challenge and can’t seem to take even the most reasoned 1% of what they dish out 24 x 7.

    They look like the Psycopath Network to me…though Faux News has also always been a very appropriate name.

  5. Doug H. – I agree that the WH has not ‘tuned’ its message well enough. (Surprising, since I was under the impression that Obama etal were masters in the art of semantics.)

    Rule: Always give the opposition an obvious out. The WH didn’t and the resulting back-lash was a foregone conclusion.

  6. I’m surprised by the MSM’s reaction to the “news” that FAUX is wing-nut central. They are covering the story as if it is actually news! I wonder: have any of them ever actually watched FAUX? Not only does FAUX bash the afrosocialistdespot Obama 24/7 they also continuously and blatantly bash the MSM. Someone should count the phrase “liberal media” on FAUX, I’ll bet it’s uttered well over a hundred times a day. It’s really amusing to see George Stephanopoulos defend FAUX, maybe he doesn’t want to burn any bridges, so eventually when Murdoch owns all the networks he will still have a job?

  7. Exactly what difference is there between Fox and the “news” media that are solely owned by the plutocracy and the oligarchy? About 2 millimeters difference.

    People, the NY Times, The Washington Post, CBS, NBC and NPR are all just propaganda outlets. Why would any sane person that can read ever believe that there is more than 3 millimeters distance between the total trash and the total trash written by the Ivy Leaguers?

    99.9 percent of the “news” trash would pimp their dead grandmothers corpse at the wake for fifteen minutes of exposure with Rush Limbaugh.

    Does anyone actually believe any of the “news?” People the country is going broke with two busted wars and a government that can’t throw Bernie Maddof’s wife in prison for life. The man stole more money than every other thief in all of the prisons in the United States have stolen in their lifetimes. She was not involved in a couple of people sitting around playing gin rummy. She’s a fucking thief.

    Gee, now let’s gin up a little free publicity for Fox. See the bright shiny mirror, moron, that is where you look while we loot your banks, corrupt your government and make the super rich rich enough that their descendants won’t have to work for 1,000 generations. LOOK, SEE THE BRIGHT BULLSHIT. Your children’s children are going to be serfs and slaves because you can’t focus.

    It doesn’t matter one damn whit who says what. It is whether or not the government is of by and for the filthy rich. Focus, dammit.

    Hell, you have to focus outside the damn box.

    Forget Fox news, please.

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