8 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Is an Even Bigger Ass Than Dana Milbank

  1. Mouth-brain connection severed. Does Matthews not realize that referring to West Point as an “enemy camp” to the president, suggests that West Point is a hotbed of treason?

    I saw somber faces throughout that crowd, military and civilian alike. It’s an ugly, no-win situation, and the content of the speech was way too much of the same old thinking that created the situation in the first place. Not all the cadets applauded when the others did; I had no problem with that. I wasn’t applauding at all.

    Mostly I looked at the faces of the cadets and thought: “My god, they’re so young.” I also let my mind wander a bit and found myself wondering just how much strength of character it must take for a young woman of color to become a West Point cadet. Such rare and precious lives (all of them, I mean– male, female, of every ethnicity). They deserve much better than the same old thinking.

    Under the previous (Milbank) post, Sam Simple made a comment that I thought nails the problem: Obama continues the mistaken thinking that we should respond to Al Qaeda as if it were an army, when in fact it has much more in common with a crime syndicate. “You don’t use a wrecking ball to kill a pesky mosquito,” is how Sam put it. Someone else once told me, “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” If Obama’s advisors are all military-centric (as opposed to criminal justice-centric), then everyone is telling him we can only use the hammer (or wrecking ball).

  2. A self-avowed fan of the political food fight, Mathews invariably crosses the line from observer to participant. In 8th grade there was always a little twit who would make the rounds spreading word of an impending brawl once he heard that two antagonists were going to “meet after school behind the gym.” But he goes further than that by asking one of them if they’d heard what the other said about him.

    My 18 year old nephew is at West Point. I should ask him what the consenus seemed to be. Even if the consensus was negative the “enemy camp” comment was remarkably stupid. I’m surprinsed that Maddow and Olbermann did not cringe more.

    Did Bush ever use the talking point of bringing freedom and democracy to Afghanistan as he did with Iraq? Still we go through the motions of free elections, something that’s always a given no matter how corrupt the winner was. We can’t dictate that they embrace free and fair elections any more than we can ensure or even define victory.

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