10 thoughts on “And Don’t Call It Climategate

  1. You know how I know this whole “Global Warming” thing is a lie? It snowed yesterday in upstate New York – and none of it landed on any palm trees. So, THERE!

    I like that term, “Swifthack.” We’re not far from having the right come up with something we can call “HackHack.” Heck, heck, that describes any two shows in a row on FOX Gnu’s.

  2. Here is the text of a letter to the editor that I just sent to my local newspaper:

    We live in an upside down world. Hackers recently illegally broke into the e-mail servers at the Climactic Research Unit at East Anglia University in England. There have also been attempts to break into climate researchers offices at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. But the U.S. Congress wants to conduct an investigation of the researchers not the criminals! If an environmentalist group like Greenpeace tried to break into ExxonMobil’s offices or e-mail servers, something tells me that Congress would not then launch an investigation into ExxonMobil. It is clear that there is an organized attempt to discredit or cast doubt on the well-established build-up of atmospheric carbon dioxide before the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. However, a few e-mails taken out of context or one or two years of cooler than normal temperatures does not diminish the fact that we are dumping millions of tons of poisons into our air, water and land every year and denying future generations the right to enjoy God’s unspoiled creation.

    [Something tells me they will not publish it.]

  3. From what I can tell, the ‘worst’ of the hacked E-mails reveal a contept on the part of objective scientists for the whores with diplomas who take money from the oil & coal industry who profit from pollution. These scientific hookers produce ‘scientific’ papers whose sole purpose it to provide cover for politiicans also in the employ of the same energy corporations – so politicians will do nothing except study the problem.

  4. Thank you– I’ve been getting really pissed about the term “Climategate” — implying there is some sort of conspiracy when there has never been any thing of the sort.

    Basically, those who want to shut their eyes to man-made climate change are unable to disprove any of it using actual SCIENCE, so instead, they argue by hacking into scientists’ email accounts and lift quotes out of context. Nothing new here.

  5. I actually think this whole “climategate” episode has been a positive one. It really shows that Obama’s call out of FAUX as a propaganda channel has worked. He encouraged other media outlets to not report the made up FAUX stories as news and for the most part they have not bought into the “this proves climate science is fake” FAUX wing-nut narrative. A win for the good guys!

  6. My favorite group of deniers is that group which has declared “global warming is an aetheist conspiracy.” Does that mean that ‘aetheists’ are ‘pushing’ global warming, or does it mean that aetheists are conspiring to make us hate god because it’s god who’s punishing us by making our polar caps melt (that’s not far-fetched since it was god who used 9/11 to punish abortionists and their clients) or does it mean that aetheists not only hate god, they hate fossil fuels…

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