6 thoughts on “Where Are We Now on Health Care?

  1. Maha, I am an Obama fan-boy having real problems with the lack of support our Democrat Senators and Representatives are giving the man we elected. Even I have felt the disappointment in what is getting done on health care, and I have come close to blaming it on my President at times. But I have to remember that the stopping is all coming from elected officials bought by the best money lobbyists can spend.
    I have also begun to think about what we would be getting right now if McCain were in the White House at this moment. I hate the way our progressive ideas seem to always be the ones that are sacrificed to make bills acceptable to so-called Conservatives. They have shown little tendency to modify their notions for our mollification. The lies and pointless obstructionism are enough to indicate to me that they fear Obama and his supporters at a gut level.
    It has always been time to keep the heat on those who do not do what we elected them to do. I have worked on my senators (Hagan and Burr) on a regular basis. I know Burr is only subject to change in the voting booth next time, and I intend to volunteer for that effort. I will also be writing checks for that effort. Are all those Democratic senators who are not with us getting enough mail from their constituents?
    Beyond this, is there any way to stop giving our money to groups and businesses that oppose our agenda? (I don’t count not-gonna-happen ideas like living off the grid and 100% self-sustaining gardening that are beyond the scope of do-ability for most people.) BCBS, for instance, administers my health insurance plan, a situation over which I have no choice. Yet they are fighting against meaningful health care reform. I’m sure some of my meds are made by companies against cost controls and for extending drug patents through miniscule “reformulations” of existing drugs. In a society like ours, how do we make our positions stick other than at the ballot box? I can boycott Fox all I like, but I don’t think it costs them. I guess I could make a list of their sponsors and boycott those, But last time I looked, I already didn’t spend with those businesses. And when they hide behind those fake public interest groups or trade associations to present their lies, it becomes near impossible to ascertain who paid for what.
    Maybe we can only keep on keeping on, but I sure do feel like Boxer in ANIMAL FARM.

  2. Superb comment Bill Bush. What you ask is the very same question I’ve been grappling with recently! What can we do to change the current unsustainable paradigm? I’m volunteering with sustainability and pedestrian advocacy organizations in my community, yet I doubt my message is making much difference. All I can say is keep on keeping on – incrementalism is unfortunately the best we can hope to achieve.

  3. Bill Bush,
    I lived in NC for almost 9 years. Since he won, Burr has been like sawdust. No nutrional value – but no stench and no original thoughts. I worked with some people who helped get Hagan elected. I’d be happy to, if I still have those addresses, to get you in contact with her supporters, but, you’d probably get more info from the internet, to be honest…
    Burr is one of the worst – not as evil as Demint and Coburn, and not nearly as stupid as Inhohe and some others.
    As a Senator, he make the number “0” look like it has value…

  4. I’m not swallowing the idea the Obama is simply the victim of a bought-and-paid-for congress (though yes, we have that too).

    Obama himself if bought and paid for.

    Obama took single-payer off the table on day one. He also conceded to the drug lobby that there would be no attempt at cost-control.

    If he had done nothing else but put back cost-control into Medicare Part B, and asked that Medicare be made available to all who want to buy in to it, we’d be very close to a single-payer system.

    Obama is selling us out on more than just health care. Some useful links to get you started:




  5. Sorry about the typos. I’m not illiterate, but I have a hand injury, and I posted without proof-reading (my bad).

    I wish we had an “edit” button.

    Corrected text:

    I’m not swallowing the idea that Obama is simply the victim of a bought-and-paid-for congress (though yes, we have that too).

    Obama himself is bought and paid for.

  6. I’m waiting for Mitch McConnell to make the announcement any day now. Take your pick:

    Plan A. Logan’s Run – Nobody lives past 30.

    Plant B. Soylent Green – It’s people, baby.

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