Goodbye to the Zeroes

2009 was an extreme year for me; lots of highs and lows. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped me through the rough patches, and also all of you who drop by here to comment. Other blogs may attract more comments, but the Mahablog comment threads beat everyone in sheer smarts. I feel privileged.

So far my I Ching readings for 2010 have been pretty gloomy, speaking of frustration and obstacles, which suggests that the pattern of the last few months will continue for the next few months. Bummer.

I’ve been looking for a funny video to cheer me (and us) up, but the best I could find was a dancing cockatoo. Feel free to nominate something in the comments. And try to have a happy new year, anyway!

Update: At least, enjoy the music.

22 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Zeroes

  1. No funny videos here, but I’m really optimistic, even though things will be very hard all the way to 2012. The zeroes were a horrible decade for me, but I learned that from the greatest contrast comes the greatest growth.

    Thanks so much for keeping the lights on at this virtual watering hole, and good cheer to you and to everyone who drops by. New Years Eves are usually just another meaningless milestone for me, but this year I am stepping out to the bar down the street and sipping a little brandy, in good spirits, with my neighbors.

  2. maha,
    Thank you for being who you are and what you provide here for al of us. May all of our New Years be happy and healthy ones.

  3. My thanks to you Barbara. You have been a lighthouse-keeper for so many of us. This is my port of choice in stormy weather.

    Doesn’t the I Ching remind you that the sun always comes out? Hang on, it will.
    May this year be your best ever.

  4. Best wishes for you and all the commenters to have a healthy and happy 2010.

    One video that makes me smile is the Jill & Kevin wedding entrance dance.

  5. “So far my I Ching readings for 2010 have been pretty gloomy”

    Not quite sure what the I Ching is? But I know your blog posts just keep getting better and better. Thanks for your site and have a Happy new year!

  6. Want a sure-fire way to get happy for the new year? Go adopt a new cat! Or just imagine how much more wonderful things are than they would have been with a McCain-Palin victory. The new cat has taken my pillow as her own, but that is a small loss. Obama-Biden has us on the road to health care (o.k., the garage door is up and we’re creeping backward into the driveway) and pushing toward sensible world relationships. The Rove-Cheney style is not being presented as the White House mode to emulate, and the economy has been saved from a cliff-leap, which the baggers want. The Republicans have made themselves look Neanderthal even to their sane segment, and there is a readiness to replace some Blue Dogs with Democratic Progressives. Champagne for all!

  7. OK – so where’s the dancing cockatoo?

    More sincerely, I can’t tell you how much I learn from y’all and how much I appreciate exchanging ideas. I sincerely and humbly apologize for my proclivity for verbosity.

    Happy New Year, friends.

  8. Maha, Barbara, and all the others. I want to wish you all a wonderful new year and thank you for providing me with so many great ideas.

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