State of the Union — Live Blog Tonight

Join us for the autopsy. BYOB.

Elsewhere — via Paul Krugman, I see that Senator Tom Udall is making proposals to change Senate rules that do not require a constitutional amendment.

The CIA guy who claimed waterboarding “worked” has retracted; says he wasn’t even there.

The Legacy of Eight Years of Conservative Rule: More teen pregnancies

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  1. Everyone is very high on the idea of eliminating the filibuster, but what happens when (not “if” but “when,” be that 2 years or 20) the Democrats are no longer in the majority?

  2. I’m shocked, shocked to discover the Brian Ross, the ABC reporter who brought us the CIA guy, is guilty of broadcasting a sensational report that was really just someone using him to spread pro-Bush propaganda. How very unusual. Not.

    Still, you have to marvel at Kirakou’s cojones, waiting until he has a book to peddle before he admits that, um, well, … no, he wasn’t there. These guys have no shame.

  3. @Bill H: Nothing different. The Dems were too cowardly and divided to fillibuster much anyway. Besides at this point we need to focus on immediate survival and that means dealing with climate change.

    @Maha: Is that the Little Match Girl?

    • The graphic is not the little match girl, but a poster from some old melodrama I found at the Library of Congress website. They’ve got some funky stuff there.

  4. @ MNPundit – Middle Class in America: Today we are ALL little match girls.
    I has a sad :^(

  5. Granted, the fumes off Rupert Murdoch probably cause brain damage. Altering your OWN version of reality is one thing – insisting that everyone else should make it the center of THEIR universe seems a tad narcissistic. Faux Nooz – You don’t have to be bat shit crazy to work there, but it must surely help. I think heavy duty hallucinogenics must be involved if Bill Shine really believes the $hit he spews.

  6. I wish Obama would get up today and tell the truth:
    “The ‘State of our Union” SUCKS!!!
    And if you want to understand why, follow the last 30+ years of Republican thought, with the help of some of the Democrats dead, and some still present.
    We are bankrupt because of deficit spending by the Republican Party, and not only in the decade past. Bill Clinton, a Democrat, brought us into the plus column, after years of Reagan and Bush I deficits, only to have George W. Bush drive our economy off a cliff, and our deficit up Mt. Everest!
    We are broke from spending more in one year on our military than the rest of the world combined. Not to mention the Billions we spend for private contractors to do what GIs used to day every day, and do it better, as part of their service – like KP, security, repair, etc.
    Our health care is the most expensive in the world, with the least ‘bang-for-the-buck’ than any other country, because of the privatization of insurance. And because of that, our mortality and death at, or before childbirth, are no longer in the top 40 in the world, where we once rated in the top 10, or at number 1.
    Our higher education system, from High School up, was the envy of the world. Now, we wonder, “Is our children learning?”
    Our manufacturing base, including the field of auto manufacturing, which we created and were unmatched at for 70+ years, and other key industries, like manufacturing for national defense, have all been outsourced.
    We are not at the “Mad MAx” stage yet, when it comes to natural resources, but Tina Turner is getting ready for her appearance at a new “Thunder Dome.”
    It’s not too late yet, but it’s getting close.
    You teabagger’s, you’ve got the right idea, but the wrong target. You are being bought, paid for, and led by the people who brung you to this dance.
    Redirect you energies, which are part of the American Spirit, to the people who are the real problem – corporations.
    Our SCOTUS just allowed those same corporations to buy the votes of YOUR representatives. Do you think the paltry $5 to $50 you donate will make your local, state or federal represntative make the notice, you the voter, when a corporation can come in and flood him or her will millions, all to follow the coprorations agenda.
    Look around you. This is the new Gilded Age, brought to you by the Republican Party, with the help of some corporatist Democrats, who have been bought and paid for by Exxon, Halliburton, Blackwater, among others.
    And that’s why the ‘state of the union’ SUCKS. If you don’t start paying attention, turn off the AM radio station, that TV news station, and start to look around, investigate, and learn, my next “State of the Union” speeach may consist of six letters:
    R.I.P U.S.A.
    Good night. And good Luck!”

  7. Brought to you by,
    Bastard! Wish I’d thought of it…
    Of course, it would have taken me 400 words, 20 lousy jokes and analogies, a few typo’s, and a handful of mis-placed comma’s to say what you did in one paragraph.
    It’s the Russian and Ukrainian in me. We like to make things last as long as our winters. “War and Peace” could have been written as a short poem, basically,
    Boy meet s girl.
    They fall in love.
    He goes to war
    She misses him.
    The war sucks.
    Napoleon sucks.
    But then, who’d have bitched about it if it had been?

    Hey, I have an idea!
    You could also give them a number to go along with the logo’s. Their number will represent the order in which they states were accepted into the Union. All you’d need next to the number is a “Sr.” or a “Jr” to represent the order in which they were elected.
    So, you’d have 2 Senators from Hawaii. They would both have the number “50”, one would have the “Sr” next to it, the other, the “Jr.” Both would have a Dole logo.
    Works for me…

    Uh, what did I just say about being long-winded? Never mind……….

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