Prediction: Dems Will Hang on to Congress in the Fall

This prediction doesn’t come from polls or from the I Ching. It comes from Bill Kristol, who writes,

The left has collapsed.

Its political support has collapsed. Public opinion polls point to a historic repudiation of the president and the Democratic party this fall—something on the order of a 60-seat Republican gain in the House. The GOP has an outside shot at taking the Senate as well.

There are three sure things in this world — death, taxes, and Kristol being wrong.

Also: At least one recent poll disagrees with Kristol.

Update: TBogg responds to Kristol with his usual measured subtlety.

8 thoughts on “Prediction: Dems Will Hang on to Congress in the Fall

  1. Too bad he only says the republicants have an “outside chance” for the senate, as you point out a full throated prediction of victory would guarantee certain failure, maybe next week.

  2. “All politics are limited and none of them is really based on the truth,” Bill Kristol. I wrote it down so that every time Kristol spews some crap I immediately say to myself, “It’s crap, forget it.” The fact that he has a weekly column in a prestigious newspaper is beyond comprehension.

  3. If Capt. William “Wrong Way” Kristol guaranteed that the sun would rise tomorrow morning, I’d make my last will and testament, and buy the most expensive Champagne, tequila, vodka, beer, coke, and pot, and make a proposition to a willing attractive female, all to ease my journey into the next life – if there is one. And if not, Hell, I won’t have to worry about the hangover!!!
    “Dollar” Bill Kristol, when you can be every dollar he’ll be wrong every time!

    I mean, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ was right at least once. The wolf shit would prove it!

  4. Ah, that Tbogg, ever a master of understatement.

    Thanks for the link to Kristol’s original piece. I needed a laugh because it’s 95 degrees in Seattle, and there is no A/C. Gotta love that early paragraph about Krugman vs. Ryan! It would be hard to distill a more perfect example of upside-down, pure Kristolian topsy-turvy.

    And you’re right. A Kristol prediction of the collapse of the Democrats and a big GOP win is the second best news I’ve had in days. (It’s right behind getting not one but two phone solicitations from the leading candidate in the GOP primary for Senate Tuesday. They are so disorganized they called a lifelong liberal Democrat not just once, but again after I told the first caller his candidate was “a scumbag!” Good to see them spending their money so well!)

    We may be able to pull this thing out of the crapper yet. I mean, when has Bill Kristol ever been right about something?

  5. There’s an honest-to-gosh octopus out there who’s been right 100% more often than Bill Kristol.

    So what does Paul the Octopus say?

  6. The GOP has gone out of their way to dredge up the most execrable candidates imaginable– Rand Paul, etc. They are counting on low turn out. Lets not give it to them.

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