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It’s a tea party versus GOP establishment smackdown in Delaware. Tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell, dubbed by Tbogg a Palin 2.0 Bimbot, could win the GOP primary contest against the Establishment choice, Mike Castle, a former governor and congressman.

So the righties are squaring off against each other, defending their positions in the only ways they know how — character assassination and death threats.

The Weekly Standard is painting O’Donnell as less stable than a three-legged card table, while Little Lulu links Castle to The Devil Incarnate, George Soros.

Nate Silver says O’Donnell has something like a 17 percent chance of winning the general election, which of course is why he establishment is in a panic.

However, that’s just one Senate race. The bad news is that Nate projects the GOP has a 2 in 3 chance of taking the House in November.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Entertainment News

  1. Maybe the threat of loss will get the Dems off their asses…


    Ha ha…

    Ha ha ha ha!!!

    ROTFLMFAO sniff (if it weren’t so true and so troublesome)

  2. Apparently, masturbation is too extreme for O’Donnell. It’s some form of ‘adultery of the mind.’
    So, as far as birth control is concerned, not only are abortion and contraception no longer an option, neither is masturbation.
    Just grin and bear it, I guess. This woman thinks the Catholic Church is the go-to organization as far as sex is concerned.
    You have to ‘hand’ it to a party that thinks that a candidate who tells people jerking-off is a sin still has a chance to win, maybe even ‘hands-down.’
    I’d call it a ‘stroke’ of genious. I mean, if you’re Castle, how do you counter that? Do you send out an ad in the last minute appealing to people who masturbate? Do you ran an add that tells people that if they can’t get the donut, the hole, or the kielbasa, that Castle will give them a hand?

    I’m starting to seriously think that Palin, Bachmann, Angle, Paul, et al, will be too tame within the next two years to be considered serious candidates for the Republican nomination for President.

  3. Uncledad,
    I wish Bush Sr. had used a prophylactic, or Ol’ Barb had swallowed. But now, it gets even wierder. That would all be forbidden by O’Donnell. Hey, it’s kids or nothing with this crowd if you want to have sex. There is no goal of sex but children! NONE!!!
    Soooo, if you’re sexually frustrated, you can watch a show featuring the NFL’s greatest hits of the past week while stabbing your pets in the eyes repeatedly and twisting their necks as practice for when, depending on your sexual preference, you graduate from the John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy internet serial killers correspondence course and release that frustration in more productive ways than sex with a partner, or pleasing yourself. You know, something like torturing small boys and young co-eds, and burying the evidence. That’ll apparently be fine, but God help you if you want to make love to your significant other, or decide to open up a Playboy and not read the articles.

    I’m serious. I think Palin, Angle, Bachmann and Paul will be the voices of sedate and reponsible conservatism before the 2012 election, and certainly by 2016. In other words, totally unelectable in a primary where the base still has enough cognitive skills to wake up, drag their knuckes, and pull a lever on election day (and that’s if they don’t eliminate pulling a lever because of the sexual conotation. And I don’t know about pushing a button or filling in a circle, either. Those might be seen as sexually symbolic as well).
    How much crazier can they get? Every day, they cross a new threshold. I’m afraid to even ask anymore…

  4. I am frustrated with the overall stupidity of teh voter. Yep, the democrats haven’t fixed all the flockups of the GOP in 2 years, so we will put the Republicans back in Congress. Why??!!!

    At best, nothing will get done for 2 years. The POTUS is not going to privatize SS – he’s not going to reinstate the Bush tax cuts. He won’t sign a bill that repeals HCR. So in a time in history when we desparately need DC to act – we will get nothing.

    I understand the fedora is making a fashon comeback – just in time for soup kitchens.

  5. You have to ‘hand’ it to a party that thinks that a candidate who tells people jerking-off is a sin still has a chance to win.

    Well, I don’t know so much about it being a sin, but with my failing eyesight, I think it might be true that it will make you go blind.

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