Carl Paladino Is a Creep

Steve M. explains how Carl “Mr. Furious” Paladino, Republican nominee for governor of New York, is a creep. See also Joe Coscarelli at The Village Voice.

And this ad is all over New York City television —

Yes, it’s a fairly standard representation of the “negative ad” genre, but I think it’s pretty effective, and this and a very similar one are being shown a lot.

Polling in this race is a tad inconsistent. There are polls showing a tied race. There are polls showing Cuomo with a 2-to-1 lead. So much for the polls. Although there are places upstate that would elect a right-wing ham sandwich if it promised to cut taxes, I think as the voters of New York get a closer look at Paladino, they will drift over to Cuomo in this last few weeks. See also Nate Silver.

This is New York, not South Carolina. Or Nevada, for that matter. Sharron Angle has done everything but wrap tin foil around her head and try to fly off a roof, and she’s still a contender. Amazing.

4 thoughts on “Carl Paladino Is a Creep

  1. I wonder if Paladino sought out Newt Gingrich on how to tell your wife some more bad news?
    I mean, their son just died in a car accident, and he thinks that’s the perfect time to tell his wife about an affair and a love child? What is wrong with him? Never mind. It would take a Hell of a lot less time trying to figure out what’s right with him…
    You know, a lot of the Teabagger candidates are imbeciles and nuts. But this guy is pure evil.
    I feel sorry for his wife. She should leave him, but I guess she’s been abused mentally and emotionally for so long, she’s like a Stockholm Syndrome victim.

  2. Sharron Angle has done everything but wrap tin foil around her head and try to fly off a roof,

    The tin foil doesn’t help you fly..It’s so that you get better reception. Sometimes the voices can be very faint.

  3. It says alot that this schmuck could even be considered a serious candidate, I men look at the guy, he looks like a crook. Add in the bizarre emails and campaign mailers, what the hell are you folks smokin up there in New York?

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