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I’ll be scarce for a couple of days, so just talk about whatever. I apologize in advance for any comments stuck in the moderation line. Regular blogging will resume Monday.

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  1. Enjoy the weekend, maha. Take all of the time you need. Just know that we’ll miss ya!

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  3. Now would be the perfect time to experiment with the word combinations that get us stuck in moderation. Hmm… when I get home from work, I should look up drug trade names in the PDR….

  4. Well, the word “p0rn” doesn’t make it through the filter. I posted a request a while back to any Maha readers who might know Carl Paladino’s e-mail address..I wanted to get hooked up on his mailing list because I hear he’s got some really exotic stuff to share. Not only that, but I hear he provides some decent commentary along with his pics.

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  6. The closing statement by Chris Matthews on “Hardball” last night, was about how we were lied into invading Iraq; basically scared stupid by the spin doctors and propagandists in the Bush administration.
    While Bush and his cabal wove a web of deceit round Iraq and Saddam Hussein, it was obvious to me that there was no “link” between the former and the “anthrax attacks”, 9/11, or Al-Qaida.
    Even before the invasion of Iraq, was the invasion of Afghanistan; that operation was supposed to be for wrecking the training camps of Al-Qaida, but has since morphed into war against the Pashtu tribe.Ten years has passed, and U.S. and NATO forces are still involved in fighting which has spilled over Afghanistan’s borders into neighboring countries.Both wars are about energy resources and transit routs, and American hegemony.
    The U.S.A. has become something akin to the former British Empire in the 1800’s.
    Quotes and passages from the works of Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell fit eerily into daily revelations, the rise of the “Tea Party” and the crazy personalities like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman evolving as leaders of the movement should alarm everyone. To quote Sinclair Lewis: “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”.How is it possible that the inarticulate, bufoonish scion of the war party who ran his campaign as a Washington “outsider”, was installed into the office of the presidency by the Supreme Court, and the “Patriots” hardly blinked, but a man who actually won the popular vote is blasted by his opposition as a “Socialist”, “Communist”, “Closet Muslim”, and a “Kenyan”.That which passes for “patriotism” is a mix of God, guns, and ignorance.
    These days, you can say God speaks to you as you run for office, and get approval; but if you are a non believer, you can’t win any public seat.
    In our times, a person can commit the most vile of crimes like lying a country into war and go into a comfortable retirement, author books, or become the leader of the new opposition, without fear of prosecution or actually “taking responsibility” for your actions.
    A large portion of our population has been convinced that “Government” is bad because it takes money from them and gives it to lazy people like teachers, union members, and “government workers”. Strangely, a large portion of that group depends on “Government” programs like social security and the V.A.
    All this hit me the other day on my way home while listening to a radio show.
    At 56, my “investment portfolio” is a laugh, I have two bad knees, I’m underwater in my mortgage, and I’m the oldest guy in my organization; I have 10 years at best to fix things financially, PLUS, I have a great daughter who needs money for college.I’m gonna bet that most of the “Tea Party” dick heads are in far better shape financially, but they act crazier than a bunch of sprayed bugs!
    On that trip home, I passed several large piles of freshly chipped oak in a roadway widening project , which is waste to the contractor, but which I need for my garden projects. I asked the loader operator if I could buy several trash bags full, he told me to come back after hours and take what I wanted. I told him I’d rather ask the contractor for permission first, because taking anything from a construction site in Florida is now a felony. I asked, and the contractor said no, if he allowed me to take some, everyone would want some, then lawyers might get involved if someone got hurt in the process.
    Imagine that; if you launch a war on the wrong countries for fabricated reasons, you get to retire with a generous pension and keep your investments, but if you take wood chip waste off a construction site you may be prosecuted as a felon.
    Ten years ago, you wouldn’t dare show up at a political rally against the regime with a pistol strapped to your leg screaming crap about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots, now you can do it.Ten years ago, you wouldn’t dare take verbal shots at the First Lady like Palin does.

  7. From that great site “Crooks & Liars,” there’s “an e-mail chain letter reaching millions of deluded right-wing voters from coast to coast. It’s all about the old children’s story– that goes back to the time of the Ancient Greeks– of the hardworking ant and the profligate grasshopper.”
    It’s a Consevative/Libertarian take on the classic fable. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Here’s the link:
    The writer of this e-mail, whoever that numbskull might be, apparently forgets that ants are one of the most ‘socialistic’ creatures, but that doesn’t fit the narrative, so there’s only one ant. Never mind that the illustration on the e-mail accompanying it shows 4 ants.
    Also, too, please note the use of COLOR in the e-mail’s story. Anyone care to figure out what the color ‘green’ is supposed to represents? Jesus, even in these take-offs on fables, these pricks show their inner racists.

    I redid the what they did to the old fable, to reflect how it should be, in this country, in this dimension:
    The grasshopper is an extremely rich and arrogant creature who got his wealth because we got rid of the Paris Hilton Tax. He doesn’t work, never did, since he lives off investment interest from this parents estate, and he’s got nothing better to do than fool around all the time because he knows that in his portfolio, he owns a bank, or two. So, he watches the poor ants work their asses off all spring and summer, knowing he can forclose in the fall on false premises, and get all of their food when they’re closed out of their communal home.
    The grasshopper forcloses.
    The Teabaggers cheer.
    Boner and Bitch support his rights. The grasshoper is patriotic – not like those ‘Socialist’ ants.
    The grasshopper goes on FOX News & Fiends, they conduct a softball interview where he says it is his birthright to continue to live in the manner he’s used to, and that this is America, and he’s free to do whatever he needs to do to maintain that.
    Rush, Glenn, Sean, Ann, Michelle and the rest of the “‘Moran’ Chorus” tell their listeners/viewers/readers (‘morans’), that ACORN tried to save the ants houses. These morans are given evidence via an edited video by Breitbart that shows that acorns carried by ants also help feed squirrel’s (more Socialism!!!), go and protest the acorns, shutting off growth, starving the squirrels, but who gives a sh*t, they’re not a part of this fable, so f*ck ’em!
    The grasshopper takes over the property, does nothing to improve it, just lets it rot waiting for housing prices go up. But the grasshopper doesn’t care, he lives in a gated community protected by Xe security guards fresh from battle in the Middle East.
    Now, the ants are dead, so how does this story end?
    Well, there can be two endings.
    In first, the imbecile grasshopper dies because there’s no one left to exploit, and the dumb-ass MFer never did a minute of work, never even scrammbled and egg, so the asshole starves to death.
    In the second, the other creatures see that what happened to the ants can happen to them, so they get little pitchforks and, carrying torches, storm the grasshoppers house, going over the gate and fighting past the Xe security guards, where they take the grasshopper, prove to him his horrible crime of greed, then behead him in front of his family, make his family eat him, then kill them and leave all of their bodies to rot so that microbes can feast off their remains.

    There, I’ve fixed the ‘Conservative Grasshopper/Ant’ myth, and replaced it with the ‘Story of the Eploitative Grasshopper and the Hardworking Ants.”

    Tune in next week for the story of “Three Little Pigs – a Twisted ‘Tail’ of Infrastucture, Housing, Construction, and how Those Investments Affect Our Future, When the Economic Wolves Will Again Be At Our Door.”*

    *I think in a prior life I must have worked in the propaganda department of the arm of the Soviet government that produced childrens literature. I think I wrote “The Little Collectivized Tractor That Could.”

  8. OH SHOOT!!! I forgot about the ‘moderation!’
    HA!!! I just wasted over and hour…
    Oh, well.
    I hope all is well, maha.
    We look forward to your return.

  9. Check out this link on the NO STIMULUS congress critters and join me in a moment of utterly unexpected surprise (not):

    This is disqualified from irony by its utter predictability. But it still makes the grade for duplicity, hypocrisy, self-serving, backstabbing and knowing the general ignorance of one’s voters.

  10. I wanted to get hooked up on [Carl’s] mailing list because I hear he’s got some really exotic stuff to share. Not only that, but I hear he provides some decent commentary along with his pics.

    I hear he thinks everything he emails is “AWESOME!” and that his favorite Harry Potter character is Firenze the centaur.

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