MSNBC: Grow Up

This is absurd. I’m no fan of Joe Scarborough, but I don’t see any big bleeping deal if he gives standard campaign donations to candidates he likes.

It’s hardly a scandal that Joe Scarborough, or Keith Olbermann, or any other cable show host has partisan preferences. Of course they do. That should be obvious to anyone who watches those programs. What purpose is served by pretending otherwise?

If there’s an issue, it’s that the cable news programs blur the line between journalism and opinion/commentary, so that the networks themselves aren’t sure which is which any more.

6 thoughts on “MSNBC: Grow Up

  1. It’s just a publicity stunt to shine a light on Joe and boost his ratings. Seeing how suspensions are now in vogue..why shouldn’t Joe get a chance to exhibit his maturity, humility, and proper spirit of correction? He handled his punishment like a West Point plebe. Joe is so wonderful!

  2. “It’s just a publicity stunt to shine a light on Joe”

    Most likely, Joe and his sycophant co-hosts just can’t compete with the unedited hate and ignorance that goes unencumbered over at FAUX first thing in the AM. Blind ignorance, racism and breakfast, Good morning America.

  3. I like Keith, and I can’t stand Joe, but that’s no reason for this punishment for either one.
    MSNBC, quit trying to be something you’re not. Same with all of the cable news channels. It’s not just “journalism and opinion/comment.” It’s also info-tainment. Plus, if there’s a missing blonde girl somewhere, they turn into ‘Amber Alert News’ 24/7.
    News is just a small part of what you all do. And it’s the part you’re all least capable presenting properly (ok, maybe Rachel, but I’m biased).
    Just ’cause you’re on TV between 5pm and midnight, holding pieces of paper while reading something related to the days events off a telepromtper. doesn’t make you Uncle Walter Cronkite.
    You can pin a corsage on the scantily clad young lady walking the streets at 2am, or the man in a dress and ‘f*ck-me pumps’ on the other side of the street, but that doesn’t make either one of them a debutante.

  4. but that’s no reason for this punishment for either one.

    Punishment? The two days off is more valuable than the money he’s losing. When you make over several million dollars a years..two days without pay doesn’t amount to squat. Joe was only” blessed” with a four day weekend.

    It’s a win-win for all involved.. Us dolts get to rail at the powers to be for their perceived injustice, Joe gets his extended weekend, and the network gets it rating boost.

  5. This is the make-up call. This is the NBA ref who called a foul on Kobe, calling the next 16 on his opponent who happens to fart in his direction. Now they can look all bi-partisany and everything. It was wrong the first time, and it’s wrong this time.

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