A Few Observations

[Update: Greg Sargent has a different take on the Olbermann departure; worth a read.]

Obviously, the big news this morning is Keith Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC. I take it from most news stories this was a mutual decision that has been brewing for a long time. Is the takeover of MSNBC by Comcast a factor, however? Hmm.

From Steve M, a follow up to yesterday’s Right-Wing Domestic Violence News — to recap, a man in Massachusetts named Travis Corcoran wrote a blog post advocating that all members of Congress and their staffs be shot. After approving of the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shooting — “1 down and 534 to go” — he added, “It is absolutely, absolutely unacceptable to shoot indiscriminately. Target only politicians and their staff and leave regular citizens alone.” Well, that’s big of him.

Police raided his house, seized weapons and ammunition, and suspending his gun license pending their investigation. To rational people, this would be a sensible precaution. But righties are screaming that they are being targeted by the police state because of their beliefs.

Meanwhile — Glenn Beck’s insane rants are endangering the life of an elderly retired professor because of something she wrote 45 years ago.


[Update: Steve Benen writes of the elderly professor, “With Beck having singled out Piven as an instigator of political violence, Beck’s audience has published death threats against the CUNY professor, and some of his followers have even contacted her directly with menacing messages.” Ooo, what strong, brave men they must be to threaten a 78-year-old woman. Next up: Kristallnacht.]

Elsewhere — a certain rightie blogger whom I called out for lying about me has now put up a post in childish retaliation of my post about him. No, DD, you don’t get a link. You’ll have to annoy someone else if you’re that desperate to boost your traffic.

Finally — it’s increasingly obvious to me that many so-called “right to life” advocates don’t really care about reducing abortion. They just get off on being self-righteousness about it.

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  1. You really nailed it today with this post. I can’t believe there are so many people out there who wish (and apparently plan) to harm someone else because of how they think or what they believe. What happened to America?!

  2. “righties are screaming that they are being targeted by the police state because of their beliefs”

    I guess they’ll be a lot happier when a Republican is elected president and we can go back to infiltrating quaker meetings in the name of national security.

    By the way I forgot the quiz section of the comment I made the other day about “DD”.

    Is he ?

    A) A bald faced liar

    B) Not very smart

    C) In need of professional help

    D) All of the above

    I’ve seen some comments already adopting Beck’s theme about Dr. Frances Fox Piven. He really is Lonesone Rhodes from “A Face in the Crowd”. I lived in Tampa for quite a while and I remember the mind numbing “Q Morning Zoo” where Beck got his start. It was popular, but very childish. Some things never change

  3. “But righties are screaming that they are being targeted by the police state because of their beliefs.”

    Um, if those beliefs are that we should shoot every member of Congress, then their being targeted is not particularly controversial.

    And, again, I guess this means they’ve come around on the Lower Manhattan Islamic cultural center?

  4. What a man that ‘profile in courage’ Glenn Beck is, going after a 78 year-old woman who wrote somehing long before the Montery Pop Concert, and even longer before Woodstock.
    A 78 year-old woman, Glenn? Stay classy, there, bro…

    It’s like whenever they have to go find an example of leftie violence, the have to go back to the Weather Underground, whose targets weren’t people, but the buildings that housed them.

    I suppose DD, AmericaneoCLOWN, loves Sarah. They have a lot in common – they’re both attention whores who’ll do anything to get it.
    Good on ya, maha, for not providing a link to his execrable website.
    Hey Donalde, if you want attention, maybe you should try to top the f*cking stupidest post in the history of the internet, no, arguably the f*cking stupidest thing EVER written in the English language, the one you wrote on “Sasquatch Israel.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    That one got you a lot of traffic, I bet.
    Hey a mocking derisive hit is still a hit, isn’t it, you asshole numbskull whore for attention?
    I wished I lived near the community college he teaches at, because I’d sign up for his course(s), and just sit there an mock this imbecile in front of the other student. And by mocking, I mean using facts and logic. The actual mocking will come from the other students laughing at this vile imbecile.
    One wonders what course this “professor” teaches? ‘Idiocy for Idiot’s,” or “The Idiot’s Guide to the Internet?”
    AmericaneoCLOWN – The Everest of Teh STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!!!

  5. From the security of his studio bunker, surrounded by his bodyguards, Beck aims his gun sights on a defenseless 78 year-old woman, because of something she wrote 45 years ago. Death threats? ( Shrug.) He’s only pointing the gun. Not his fault if some loon decides to pull the trigger.

    What a weaselly little coward that man is.

  6. Olbermann’s departure seems to be an excellent counter-example to the claim that “the market” will provide what the consumers want. MSNBC dumping its highest-rated host doesn’t make obvious economic sense. Comcast is claiming they knew nothing about it, which I actually believe, because even the people who schedule MSNBC’s promo’s didn’t – they were running commercials for Olbermann’s show even after his departure.

    I’m very eager to see what details come out about how it all went down. I wonder if some MSNBC exec had been held in check by someone at GE, and now felt free to act, in which case the Comcast deal would be involved, but not because Comcast wanted him gone.

    I wonder if there’s someone at the fledglin Oprah Winfrey Network interested in a network-defining liberal news show to keep their reruns from bumping into each other…

  7. I for one will miss Keith at his usual 8 p.m. time slot. He is truly an honest, introspective commentator who is the country’s conscience. While Lawrence makes congressmen squirm, he’s no match for those searing special comments that only Keith could write, execute and have it accepted by millions of fans. Come to think of it, Lawrence and Rachel will probably have to tone it down a bit while the flaming idiots at Faux Nooze will carry on in their mendacity.

  8. Olbermann’s departure may also be due to security reasons, something to consider.He is far more hated by the far right fringe than either Maddow or Tweety.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Keith goes to the OWN or Comedy Central (or perhaps Sirrus radio), at any rate, I don’t think he’s going away.(White House press secretary?).

  9. Professor Pivan was on Democracy Now and correctly pointed the finger at Rupert Murdoch for her death threats.

  10. LillithMc,
    Good for her. Follow the money! From Glenn to Roger to Rupert. The new “Trilogy of Terror!”

  11. “…don’t really care… They just get off on being self-righteousness…”

    It’s increasingly obvious that many bloggers prefer ad hominem attacks to serious discussion.

    Facts are hard; name-calling is easy.

    • Facts are hard; name-calling is easy.

      Indeed, and I have provided facts. You have provided hysteria, smears, and a lot of holier-than-thou chest thumping.

      If you ever want to climb off the high horse and have a serious discussion about ways to reduce abortion, have someone leave a comment. Note that I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Oh hey, I get it. Today is Jan. 22nd, anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. Explains why the shrieking suddenly got louder than the other 364 days of the year.

  13. RightKlik,
    Poopsie, first lesson, look up the term – ad hominem.
    Then, when you come up with anything but boilerplate right-wing talking point BS, please feel free to add to the conversation. Again, look up the term – ad hominem.

    Until then, ‘right click, ‘ left click on ‘close,’ and then go and erase any cookies or memory associated with you.
    See,you did pick the perfect monicker!

  14. Oh yeah, they are whining about the “police state”. After the NYC GOP convention where democrats who tried to get close were arrested; after Minneapolis where the Democracy Now reporter was roughed up and the footage all liked like something out of Lina Wertmuller without the class; after the recent incident in Tennessee where the protester was stomped on?

    • tom b — No, those are not examples of a “police state.” Those are examples of standing up to evil, violent lefties. (/sarcasm)

  15. I admire your ability to remain calm and focused while dealing with that RightKlik entity – that website makes my skin crawl, and comments there tend to be nasty, brutish, and short. Excuse me while I take a shower.

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