So Much for a Right to Life

South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers.” Words fail.

In other news — Mike Huckabee says abortion is a more pressing issue than the economy; the Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating my former neighbor Rep. “Mean Jean” Schmidt; Representative from Kansas state legislature says she can tell who’s illegal from “the olive complexion“; “Curveball” speaks.

12 thoughts on “So Much for a Right to Life

  1. *Joan weeps quietly in her cubicle*

    Oh, sure, when they’re gathered in one place– CPAC, where basically they all bark at one another– I find them amusing. It’s a whole different ballgame when they go out into the world and start messin’ with stuff.

    btw, I couldn’t get the “olive complexion” linky to open, for some reason. Which is probably a good thing; I’d hate for the quiet weeping to become wracking sobs.

  2. As many martini’s as Boehner drinks, I’m surprised his complexions is orange, rather than ‘olive!’

    I didn’t realize that maha and Steve M would have a similar theme today, and, since I was running errands before and after taking out my Dad for his semi-annual CAT scan (everything’s ok, thank goodness), I’d like to copy what I wrote there. I don’t normally like to do this, but I’ve got some other catching up to do, so here goes:
    This is beyond sick.
    It’s “Forced Labor” for women.
    And a death sentence to anyone who get’s in the way of the woman and giving birth.

    At the risk of being executed I can’t tell you how many tens of thousand of times, I say we need to carry this argument to the mens side as well, for equally – and EXECUTE ANY MALE CAUGHT WASTING HIS PRECIOUS SEED!

    Or, at least castration. I mean, if you’re not responsibly saving and using your seed to successfully impregnate women, then, if you don’t want the death penalty, have your member be lopped off.

    And, how about after birth, if you’re the biological father, and you don’t provide, well, you can be ‘2nd Amendmented’ out too.

    It’s only fair.

    If men got pregnant, Abortion Clinics would outnumber MickeyD’s by a factor of 5, be legal, safe, AND FREE!

  3. Hey, half my family had “olive” complexions! Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get a school loan.

    The bit on Rep. Connie O’Brien (I assume no relation to anyone at this blog) was just typical. She harps back on the old saw that illegal aliens are stealing opportunities and tax dollars from “real” Americans. As “proof” she offers a personal anecdote, which involves basically, seeing someone who strikes her as possibly a non-WASP, in an office. The rest is 100% horseshit. But, to a certain sort of “mind” this constitutes evidence, and confirms the suspicion that evil foreigners are taking advantage of kindly, virtuous, but naive Americans.

    The thing is that this is how public relations/propaganda works. It doesn’t matter how absurd or baseless an assertion is as long as it conforms to the narrative and pushes the right buttons. Fear, ignorance and confirmation bias take over from there.

    It sure is great to be living in the “Beacon on a Hill” isn’t it?

    You know, maybe Darwin had it wrong after all. Maybe we DEVOLVED from the apes instead. If the early hominids were as stupid as we seem to be, how could they ever have remembered how to breathe?

  4. Yeah… linky fixed now. Hope that imbecile doesn’t represent a district in KS where I have any relatives or in-laws. My sister-in-law is olive-complected! Yikes!

    I guess that’s better than having the IQ of an olive.

  5. joanr16, thanks for giving me a good laugh. IQ of an olive. I liked that. Southdakota isn’t gonna do anything but shit and fall back in it. Its all a bunch of bs. What I want to know abouts where are the jobs,jobs,jobs. For two weeks now I haven’t heard anything from the repugs. I guess they don’t want to talk about that any more. It sure didn’t take um lon g to say screw you to the jobless.

  6. Does this mean a woman seeking an abortion would also be subject to “justifiable homicide”? You know that’s really what the fetus people want, if somehow they can figure out how to murder the baby killing doctor, the miscreant whore and still save the fetus, now that’s a win win win!

  7. jugheadjack,
    Pre mid-term, the jobs the were talking about were their own.
    Now that they’ve been elected, or re-elected, they want to know what job problem you’re talking about?
    They don’t have one!

  8. The guy who introduced the S.D. law claims that it is not intended to nor does it in actuality actually give license to kill abortion providers. Instead, it was just a routine clarification of what should happen if somebody threatens the life of an unborn child during the commission of a crime. He claims that since abortions are legal, the law doesn’t apply there.

    So, I guess you can justifiably kill somebody if they are threatening to perform an abortion at gunpoint? Is that really a big problem up there? The doctors are running a bit wild if so….

    In any case, it seems the intent was just to move the “an unborn child is a real legal person” ball a bit further down the field. It’s already the case that killing a pregnant woman can result in double homicide charges, they’re trying to expand on that. The goal, I guess, is eventually having so much enshrined in law that legally declares a fetus to be a human being that abortion is eventually declared exactly equal to murder, and thus outlawed.

    Just secondarily to the deep dishonesty of their tactics, I don’t really trust them to be smart enough to be able to make that fine of a distrinction. I’m guessing they did indeed declare killing of abortion providers legal, just by accident.


  9. OT but worth watching, FDL (where I usually don’t tread) is reporting that the National Enquirer is breaking a story and naming names of two women who accepted Boehner’s boner in extramarital flings. One is a lobbyist who does a hell of a job. The other is reportedly a former press secretary of a senator.

    If it turns out to be true, one can only hope Bill Clinton sends a sympathy card.

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