11 thoughts on “The Definition of “Weenie”

  1. Yet another WHACKO!
    “That’s true,” ignorant, clue-free, f*cking dumbass West said. “That’s historical fiction!’
    (You can’t make this shit up, I tell you.).
    And he was talking about things not from history, but from movies made about historical events.

    As for any of you Liberal women out there who are neutering Congressman West, my I suggest you switch to a rusty can opener, and finish the job. I want to hear his next speach in a castrati tenor voice.

    • The popularity of Alan West among the teabaggers is an indication, IMO, that their motivation is not pure racism, as some argue. An African American who says what they want to hear can win their support. It’s not about the color, but teh stupid.

      Certainly President Obama’s race triggers more than the usual hysteria on the Right, but race is just one of a complex of factors that pushes their buttons. In President Obama’s case, his race multiplies the negativity (to them) of his perceived liberalism, but in a candidate they think of as one of their own ideologically (if you can call their mess of collective obsessions an “ideology”; but I’m not sure what else to call it), IMO the race factor is less of an issue.

      The same thing goes for gender. They accept “their” women in leadership roles. “Liberal” women like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are harridans from hell who must be kept in check or they will cause all men’s private parts to fall off, and then they will eat all the babies.

      That’s one reason why I think that if the GOP nominates someone to whom they cannot relate emotionally — Romney, Pawlenty and Huntsman come to mind; not sure about Daniels — they aren’t going to be much of a factor in the general election. They’ll vote for the Republican candidate over Barack Obama, but they won’t show up at the rallies to generate enthusiasm for the candidate, which is needed to suck in large numbers of independent voters. And some part of them probably won’t bother to vote if they dislike the Republican nominee.

  2. At heart, I think they really are racists and sexists.
    It’s just that blacks like West gives them cover, just like Alan Keyes, and what’s-his-name the black radio host (Elder?), etc.,.
    And women like Phyllis Schlaffy and Nicky Haley, etc., give them cover.
    And a hispanic like Marco Rubio gives them cover.
    You see, they’re ok because THEY are THEIR blacks, THEIR women, THEIR hispanics (soon, THEIR gays), THEIR etc.
    They’re welcome to sit, and even to lead, because they think like them, so not only do THEY give THEM cover to the outside world, but it allows them to rationalize to themselves that they really aren’t racist or sexist or xenophobic at all.
    And the minority groups who aren’t a part of their tribe, well, THEY’RE the real racists, sexists, and xenophobes.
    That’s my theory, anyway.

    • It’s just that blacks like West gives them cover, just like Alan Keyes, and what’s-his-name the black radio host (Elder?), etc.,.

      Oh, sure, I’m just saying it’s not the only thing that motivates them. Most of them probably would vote for a right-wing whackjob African American like West instead of, say, Bernie Sanders. Like I keep saying, they’ve got a complex of fixations or obsessions, and race/gender issues certainly are part of the complex. But I don’t think race and gender necessarily are overriding factors for most of them.

  3. Yeah, I got it.
    They’d be ok with Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Lenin, Attila the Hun, the Mau Mau’s, Caesar Chavez, Mao, and Gloria Steinem, if they were all Conservatives spouting conservative talking points.

  4. “What made the Spartan men strong, it was the Spartan women,” he said. “Because the Spartan women at the age of nine gave up their male sons” to train for the army.

    Wow, this guy’s in favor of babies havin’ babies!

    I also enjoyed how liberal women are responsible for the debt and deficit spending. In another universe, this would be stand-up comedy.

  5. West is just another conservative snake charmer who is plying his bullshit on the intellectually and emotionally challenged teabaggers.

    “Forgive them, Father… for they know not what to believe”

    I’m surprised West didn’t cite the traditions of the Apache Indians for toughening up their young boys into becoming warriors. From what I understand the Apache’s had one of the most grueling boot camps.

  6. I finally figured it out. Trouble with understanding teabaggers is we don’t watch enough movies.

  7. “What made the Spartan men strong, it was the Spartan women,””

    I thought the Spartan boys were also noted for being of the “other persuasion.” So, it’s odd a Repug would hold them up as a case study.

  8. I’m not sure what Mr. West means exactly by his “neutering” comment. I think it’s a defense prop to provide cover for John Boehner’s uncontrollable weeping, a la Tammy Faye Bakker. But upon pondering the concept of being neutered, I can say that I’ve felt a sense of being neutered in the fact that I’ve been cut out of the job market due to conservative political ideologies and policies. I know through my intellect that being unemployed doesn’t detract from being a complete man in every aspect, but on the emotional side I feel I’ve been stripped of my manly abilities, neutered so to speak. There is a constant gnawing in my sub-conscious that I’ve lost the ability to provide for my family as a man should, or could if the opportunity to work was available…

    So maybe Mr. West should re-think his premise and realize that there is more than one possible facet to being neutered.

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